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Launch of the emission-free Scandlines ferry PR24 approaches

The shipping company Scandlines, is preparing intensively for the deployment of its brand new zero-emission cargo ferry with the working title “PR24”. The electric ferry will sail the Fehmarnbelt in 2024 and brings with it some impressive innovations.

Construction work on schedule

Construction work on the “PR24” at the Cemre shipyard in Turkey is proceeding according to plan. In the fourth quarter of this year, an important milestone will be reached: the ferry will come into contact with water for the first time when it is lowered from the slipway into the water. This will be followed by the final work on the shipyard’s outfitting quay.

Preparations at the ferry terminals

Preparations are in full swing not only at the Turkish shipyard, but also at the ferry terminals in Puttgarden and Rødby. Scandlines is currently installing a new and more powerful ramp to the upper vehicle deck in ferry bed 3 in Rødby. This is necessary because the “PR24” will carry trucks on both the upper and lower decks. The current 59-meter ramp is currently being removed by a large crane.

Reconstruction at the ferry pier in the port of Rödby

Reconstruction at the ferry pier in the port of Rödby

Emission-free crossings and fast recharging

The “PR24” will take environmental friendliness to a new level. When it enters service in 2024, it will be able to use the world’s largest battery system with a capacity of 10 MWh, and recharging will take just 17 minutes. It goes without saying that the new Scandlines ferry is powered by green electricity. Scandlines has already invested in a 50 kV / 25 MW power cable to Rødbyhavn in 2019, which has now been extended by approximately 1.2 km to the new transformer station between ferry berths 2 and 3.

Investment in the future

Scandlines continues to invest in a sustainable future. A 30 kV / 15 MW cable route with medium-voltage switchgear and charging station will be created for the Port of Puttgarden. This will reduce loading time to just 12 minutes at both ports from 2025. The ferry will then be able to cover the 18.5 km on the ferry route from Puttgarden to Rødby in just 45 minutes without direct emissions.

Key data for the “PR24

  • Length: 147.4 m
  • Width: 25.4 m
  • Construction draft: 5.30 m
  • Loading capacity: 66 freight units (approx. 1,200 loading meters)
  • Passenger capacity: 140
  • Service speed: 16/10 kn
  • Crossing time: 45 minutes (from 2025)
  • Battery system: 10 MWh
  • Loading time in port: 12 minutes (from 2025)
  • Direct emissions during the crossing: 0
  • Total investment: EUR 80 million

These are really great developments that will not only protect the environment, but also increase the efficiency of ferry traffic. We remain excited for more news and the upcoming launch of the “PR24”!

Book new Scandlines ferry

The new Scandlines ferry PR24 will be reserved exclusively for cargo customers at the start. So booking is not possible. All other Scandlines ferries can be booked directly online as usual.


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