Hansa Destinatons Ferry MS Drotten
Hansa Destinatons Ferry MS Drotten

New ferry line from Rostock to Sweden, Stockholm & Gotland

The Swedish shipping company Rederi AB Gotland, to which the subsidiary Destination Gotland also belongs, is planning a new ferry line between Nynäshamn and Germany.

Update 30. August 2021: Today the first call of the MS Drotten of Hansa Destinations in Rostock. After an 18-hour crossing, MS Drotten, coming from Nynasham, reached the port of Rostock.

MS Drotten at the first call in Rostock

MS Drotten from Hansa Destinations arrives in the port of Rostock

MS Drotten from Hansa Destinations arrives in the port of Rostock

MS Drotten from Hansa Destinations arrives in the port of Rostock

We continue to work on an online booking option. At the moment it is only possible to book by e-mail directly through the shipping company.

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Update 14 July 2021: The route will in future be served by the Ferry MS Drotten under the name Hansa Destinations, which is to receive support from another Ferry at a later date. Until then, departures from Nynasham and Rostock will each be 3 times a week from 30 August 2021. The Ferry has a capacity of 1,650 freight metres and up to 1,400 passengers. However, a large part of the passenger capacity is reserved for the drivers accompanying the cargo.

Departures from Stockholm-Nynashamn are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Departures from Rostock are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The departure times are 19:00/19:30, the arrival is scheduled for the following day 13:00/13:30.

According to some media, booking is already possible. However, we have not yet been able to find a way to book online. At the moment it is only possible to book by e-mail directly through the shipping company. We are currently in discussion with the shipping company about a corresponding online booking option, which will probably not be available until September.

Update June 30, 2021: According to a newspaper report in the Norddeutsche Neueste Nachrichten (NNN), the ferry service between Nynashamn and Rostock will depart from Nynasham as early as August 30, 2021, and then sail from Rostock to Nynasham one day later. Initially, the connection will be offered 3 times a week. As soon as one of the ferries chartered to DFDS returns to Destination Gotland, it will reinforce the new Hansalinje and provide daily sailings.

For now, however, it will be primarily a cargo route. It is not yet clear when tourist travel and bookings will be possible.

Booking should be made possible as early as July. However, an exact date for the start of bookings has not yet been set.

Update 12 May 2021: In an interview with P4 Gotland Radio, Håkan Johansson, CEO of Rederi AB Gotland, stated that the new ferry service between Rostock and Nynäshamn or Visby might not be operational until after the summer of 2021 in the autumn.

In order to reduce emissions from domestic transport and at the same time bring Sweden closer to the European continent, Rederi Gotland AB is planning a new ferry line with the working title of Hansalinjen Hansalinjen. The new route will serve the ports of Rostock(Germany) and Nynäshamn to Stockholm (Sweden), with the possibility for some voyages to call at the port of Visby on the island of Gotland.

Rederi AB Gotland has received an eco-grant from the Swedish government to shift truck traffic from land to sea on the busy route from southern Sweden to Mälardalen. The ferry line will save at least as much time as the current road traffic between Germany and the Mälardalen region in Sweden.

Through the aid, Rederi AB Gotland contributes to improving the climate balance of the Swedish transport system. The shift of freight traffic from road to sea between Rostock and Nynäshamn is estimated to reduce emissions in this area by about 20%.

“We want to help relieve pressure on the road network and reduce traffic emissions. As a first step, we are planning a freight line for logistics companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to meeting Sweden’s and the EU’s climate targets,” says Håkan Johansson, CEO of Rederi AB Gotland.

A new ferry line would be a sister operation of the shipping company Destination Gotland, which connects the old Hanseatic cities of Rostock, Visby and Stockholm. This opens up a new route for all German travellers wishing to visit Gotland and Sweden, while the new ferry line could be an important contribution for all Swedish travellers wishing to reach the European continent directly by car, ship and train.

“Because our trips can be linked to the Interrail card, rail travellers can also take the Ferry from Nynäshamn and board the train in Rostock to continue on to Europe. At the same time, Sweden and Gotland would also become more accessible for European travellers,” says Håkan Johansson, CEO of Rederi AB Gotland.

The eco-grant is part of a larger effort to implement Sweden’s national freight transport strategy, an important part of which is to shift freight from road to sea. The new Rostock-Nynäshamn Ferry is expected to start in summer 2021. The exact start date, which ferry serves the route and other information is not yet known.

Ferry connections from Hansa Destinations (Hansalinjen)

Hansa Destinations (Hansalinjen) Ferries will operate on these routes from Rostock to Sweden and Gotland.

FährverbindungAbfahrtshafenZielhafenAbfahrten pro WocheDauer der Überfahrt
Fähre Rostock-NynäshamnRostock (Deutschland)Nynäshamn (Schweden)1 mal täglich15-16 Stunden
Fähre Nynashamn-RostockNynäshamn (Schweden)Rostock (Deutschland)1 mal täglich15-16 Stunden
Fähre Rostock-VisbyRostock (Deutschland)Visby (Gotland, Schweden)1 mal täglich12-13 Stunden
Fähre Visby-RostockVisby (Gotland, Schweden)Rostock (Deutschland)1 mal täglich12-13 Stunden

Alternative ferry connections until booking start

As there are still a few days to go until the official start of the new ferry connection to Sweden and the online booking start is not yet fixed, the following ferry connections are currently available as alternatives:

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