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Scandlines current coronavirus information

The Scandlines shipping company, like many other ferry companies, is also affected by the consequences of the Corona pandemic caused by the virus (COVID-19). Currently, the ferries of the shipping company operate to schedule on all routes. Entry to Denmark has been possible again for all travelers since June 15. Here you will find an overview of Scandlines’ handling of the Corona virus, the affected ferry routes and entry regulations.

These Scandlines ferries & connections are affected

Route Status
Ferry Gedser – Rostock travels according to schedule
Ferry Puttgarden – Rödby travels according to schedule
Ferry Rödby – Puttgarden travels according to schedule
Ferry Rostock – Gedser travels according to schedule

current Scandlines Corona information

Your safety is important to us At Scandlines, we always ensure that you have optimal travel conditions. That’s why we have plenty of disinfectant and highly visible distance markings to our ferries as well as in the BorderShops. In addition, we are to date on the latest security measures and always implement the requirements of the authorities correctly. We are well equipped to welcome you back under the given conditions.

Scandlines is very concerned that you as a passenger feel safe at all times when you travel with us. This applies to your safety to sea as well as your safety related to coronavirus (Covid-19).

  • We follow the rules for hand hygiene and have placed additional containers with disinfectant for all passengers.
  • We have put up posters with advice on how to avoid transmission of the virus to all Scandlines ferries.
  • We continuously clean all areas that are touched by many hands with disinfectant. These include door handles, railings, faucets and push buttons for flushing toilets.

Excerpt / Source: Scandlines.com

Entry requirements for Scandlines destination countries

Travel restrictions to Denmark

Denmark has also reopened its borders since June 15, 2020. All travel to the Scandinavian destination is again unrestricted. The ferries Puttgarden-Rödby and Rostock-Gedser operate at normal times without restrictions.

Update 24.08.2020: As of now, masks are compulsory to all public transport in Denmark, including ferries. So during your crossing with Scandlines you are currently required to wear a mask.

Update 10/23/2020: Denmark will close its borders to German vacationers from 10/24/2020. Entry is now only possible with a valid reason.

Exceptions & Valid Reasons:

  • Business or commuter travelers may continue to enter.
  • Schleswig-Holsteiners are allowed to enter. Exemptions for other states with low infection rates are currently under review.
  • Family visits are allowed
  • Your own vacation home in Denmark you may visit.

Update 05/05/2021: Denmark has introduced a new risk assessment since April 21, 2021, which is updated weekly. Accordingly, Germany is one of the countries assigned to the “orange” category. As a result, only entries for good cause are possible. Tourist travel does not count as an important reason, so this is not currently allowed.

Exceptions & Valid Reasons:

  • Business or commuter travelers will still be allowed to enter.
  • Schleswig-Holsteiners are allowed to enter. Exemptions for other states with low infection rates are currently under review.
  • Family visits are allowed
  • Your own vacation home in Denmark you may visit.

Travel restrictions to Germany

Currently there are no travel restrictions for travelers from Denmark to Germany. The ferries Rödby-Puttgarden and Gedser-Rostock operate at normal times without restrictions.

Cancellation and rebooking of booked tickets

Whether and in which form you can change or even cancel your booked ferry ticket with Scandlines and with which costs this is associated from on various factors.

  • When did you book your Scandlines ferry?
  • When is the trip originally scheduled to take place?
  • In which Scandlines tariff did you book your ferry connection?
  • What are the current entry requirements in the destination country at the time of your trip?
  • Are there any travel warnings from the foreign office?
  • Have you purchased trip cancellation insurance?

Depending on how you answer these questions, there are different options for your Scandlines rebooking or cancellation.

Update 05.05.2021: Scandlines has adjusted the ticket conditions for ferry crossings until 20 December 2020 in favor of all travelers. You can now also change your Economy Extra ticket, which is actually excluded from rebooking, to any other departure free of charge until May 24, 2021.

Flex tickets can generally be cancelled and rebooked free of charge.

The best way to do this is to simply contact Scandlines. Here they will be able to tell you directly and exactly to to your booking, what you can do.

Here you can find all information about
Scandlines tickets
and fares.

* We have concluded an agreement with Scandlines Deutschland GmbH. For each sale of Scandlines Deutschland GmbH products we can receive a commission from Scandlines Deutschland GmbH.

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