Scandlines Fähre Copenhagen with new rotor sail leaving Rostock harbour.
The Scandlines Hybrid Fähre Copenhagen leaving the Rostock Sea Canal for Gedser.

Scandlines presents the largest sailing ship at the Hanse Sail 2021

For the 30th anniversary of the Rostock Hanse Sail 2021 far more than hundred tall ships are registered. The German-Danish ferry company Scandlines gives the anniversary event a very special accent: with a length of almost 170 meters and a width of approx. 25 meters, the Hybrid ferry “Copenhagen the largest ship with a sail that can be seen during the Hanse Sail 2021 – her rotor sail rises proudly 30 meters into the sky in the shape of a cylinder.

Since May 2020, the rotor sail, which at to distance looks more like a chimney, has been installed to Scandlines ferry Copenhagen – and has exactly the opposite effect: The rotor sail from the Finnish company Norsepower significantly reduces theCO2 emissions of the hybrid ferry by a full four to five percent to Rostock – Gedser ferry.

After almost 100 years, the Flettner rotor returns to northern Germany

The innovative sail technology of the rotor sail draws on to nearly 100-year-old concept of Flettner rotor technology: when the wind hits to rotating cylinder, it is accelerated to one side and slowed down to the other side of the body. The difference in wind speed results in a pressure difference that generates a force perpendicular to the wind – the so-called Magnus effect. This effect helps to move the ship forward to crosswinds.

Engineer Anton Flettner had his invention of the Flettner rotor tested from 1924: In Kiel, he converted ships into rotor gliders and carried out countless, even international test and demonstration runs. Unfortunately, at that time they do not prevail, because they are unsuitable as the sole drive in calm conditions. Thus, this technology was displaced by steam engines and diesel engines and fell into oblivion.

to almost a century, Scandlines is now once again relying on to efficiency of Flettner’s inventiveness: The Norsepower rotor sail is an application-ready, maritime wind technology for which the optimum wind conditions prevail to the Scandlines route, making the commercial benefits to.

Scandlines ferry Copenhagen with new rotor sail leaving Rostock harbor.

The Scandlines Hybrid ferry Copenhagen leaving the Rostock Sea Canal for Gedser.

With rotor sail and hybrid drive towards green ferry shipping

However,the largest “sailing ship” to be seen during the Hanse Sail scores points not only with its unique rotor sail, but with many other climate protection measures: Its hybrid system, as on other Scandlines vessels, also includes an electric drive in addition to the diesel generators. A battery pack supplements the drive and can store excess energy directly on board and use it again for propulsion at the appropriate time. By switching from traditional diesel ferries to state-of-the-art hybrid vessels, fuel consumption to ferry route has been significantly reduced, thus also lowering CO² emissions. Compared to the old ships, today only about one third of the fuel is needed for the ferry per car transported.

In addition, the ferry uses energy-saving but also low-noise thrusters that generate less underwater noise. This means that the marine wildlife is less disturbed – which is particularly pleasing for the harbor porpoises, which are once again more common in the Baltic Sea.

For a sustainable future, Scandlines is focusing to many other large and small projects in the direction of environmental and climate protection: among other things, the shipping company supports the UN’s sustainability goals. The most recent example is the recently published sustainability report. In addition, the company works closely with NABU e.V: For example, the Puttgarden port site was jointly transformed into a “Green Port” to promote biodiversity to site.

In cooperation with E.ON, Scandlines is initially providing free charging stations for electric cars at the BorderShop in Puttgarden and in Rostock – making it even easier to travel to Scandinavia and back in an environmentally friendly manner.

Scandlines ferry booking for Hanse Sail 2021

Participating sailing ships at the Hanse Sail 2021

Ship name Type Flag Year of manufacture Length
Abel Tasman Schooner NLD 1913 40 meters
Al Bundy Cutter DEU 1980 7.5 meters
Albert John 3 mast schooner NLD 1928 46 meters
Albin Köbis Ketch DEU 1947 24 meters
Aldebaran Motor ship DNK 1992 22 meters
Amigo Cutter DNK 1962 15 meters
Anja Cutter yacht DEU 1972 9 meters
Arona Motor ship DEU 1925 8 meters
Artemis Bark NLD 1926 59 meters
Atalanta Schooner DEU 1901 36 meters
August Ipsen Crab cutter DEU 1937 16.5 meters
Avatar Topsail schooner NLD 2014 34.5 meters
Avontuur Cargo sailing ship DEU 1920 43.5 meters
Baladin Uno Ketch DEU 1953 15.4 meters
Banjaard Topsail schooner NLD 1913 38 meters
Belle Amie sailing herring logger DEU 1915 38 meters
Berta Von Lassan Ketch DEU 1910 24 meters
Betty Cornish Crabber DEU 1978 9.07 meters
Blue Marlin Sailing yacht DEU 2006 16 meters
Bonawentura Ketch POL 1948 20 meters
Bp82 Bamberg Coast Guard DEU 2019 86.2 meters
Bv2 Vegesack Ketch DEU 1895 35.4 meters
Canta Libre Gaff cutter DEU 1975 11.75 meters
Catherina 2 mast gaff saver NLD 1920 39.5 meters
Dar Mlodziezy Full Vessel POL 1982 108.6 meters
De Albertha Tjalk NLD 1891 33 meters
Den Ruyghenhil Flat ground Klipperaak DEU 1897 16.5 meters
Elida Shark Cutter DEU 1939 22.5 meters
Ellen Gaff cutter DEU 1938 19 meters
Engelina Tjalk NLD 1908 34.6 meters
Erna Tjalk DEU 1904 22 meters
Ethel From Brixham Stay sail schooner DEU 1890 30 meters
Fair Dawn Falmouth pilot cutter DEU 1905 13.1 meters
Fehmarnbelt Motor ship DEU 1908 45.44 meters
Fifty Shades Sailing yacht DEU 2017 15 meters
Flb 40-3 Fireboat DEU 1983 40 meters
Galathea Gaff protector DEU 2003 18 meters
Glauke Cutter yacht DEU 1971 13.5 meters
Griffin From Ueckermünde Ketch DEU 1960 19.98 meters
Guapa Sailing yacht DEU 2008 12 meters
Guilder Leeuw 3 mast topsail schooner NLD 2010 70.1 meters
Hanne Marie Shark Cutter DEU 1919 19.81 meters
Hansine Shark Cutter DEU 1898 26 meters
Hendrika Bartelds Topsail schooner NLD 1918 49 meters
Hope Gaff cutter DEU 1919 26 meters
Hope Cutter DEU 1972 16 meters
Ingo 3 mast schooner SWE 1922 38 meters
Irme Aspirantböt DEU 1942 9.95 meters
Isamar Colin Archer DEU 1988 13 meters
J,R,Tolkien Topsail schooner NLD 1964 42 meters
Jachara Lofoten Cutter DEU 1951 31 meters
Jane (Hk) Shark Cutter DEU 1918 19 meters
Jantje Schooner NLD 1930 28 meters
Jasda Dansk Spidsgatter DEU 1934 10 meters
Johann Smidt Gaff topping sail schooner DEU 1974 39.94 meters
Jolly Roger Stay sail schooner DEU 1975 16 meters
Karstaroff Folkboat DEU 1967 8 meters
Calico Tower Cutter DEU 1933 16.37 meters
Kiel Hanseatic Cog Cog DEU 1991 23.27 meters
Klaus Störtebeker Motor glider DEU 1927 11 meters
Kuddelexal Bu Museum ship DEU 1980 7.5 meters
Salmon (L762) Landing craft / Navy DEU 1966 40.04 meters
Laralina Sailing yacht DEU 2018 14 meters
Loth Lorien Barkentine NLD 1907 48 meters
Luciana Schooner NLD 1916 39 meters
Mare Frisium Topsail schooner NLD 1916 49 meters
Meander Stay sail schooner NLD 1947 25.16 meters
Midsommar Classic yacht DEU 1971 11 meters
Minerva 3 mast schooner NLD 1935 49 meters
Mirounga Gaff ketch DEU 1990 18 meters
Morning Star Brig NLD 1919 48 meters
Nakskov Havn Tractor DNK 1914 12.68 meters
Nobile Gaff cutter DEU 1919 38.5 meters
Northwind Shark Cutter DEU 1919 25 meters
Oban Stay sail schooner NLD 1905 37 meters
Oldenburg Corvette DEU 89.1 meters
Partisan PB Coastal protection vessel DNK 2001 23.07 meters
Pegasus Ketch NLD 1904 36 meters
Petersdorf Motor ship DEU 1957 19.7 meters
Pippilotta 3 mast schooner DEU 1933 44 meters
Pocca Sailing yacht DEU 1973 8 meters
Praunus Cutter DEU 1949 17.6 meters
Prince Slocum Gaff ketch DEU 1984 17.3 meters
Ragna Motor launch DEU 1981 14.55 meters
Raro Steel ketch DEU 1978 11 meters
Regina Maris 3 mast schooner NLD 1978 48 meters
Repsold Fireboat DEU 1941 19 meters
Roald Amundsen Brig DEU 1952 49.8 meters
Ryvar Ketch DEU 1916 40 meters
Sailor Symphony Sailing yacht DEU 2009 12 meters
Santa Barbara Anna Topsail schooner DEU 1951 44.2 meters
Sea Bear Tractor DEU 1973 15.25 meters
Setzleif Zeesboot DEU 1938 12.4 meters
Scythia Schooner DEU 2005 36 meters
Star Of Hope Scottish fishing boat DEU 1936 16.86 meters
Stella Maris Gaff cutter NLD 1914 33 meters
Szczecin Steamship DEU 1933 51.75 meters
Stortemelk Schooner NLD 1961 39.9 meters
Swaensborgh Schooner NLD 1907 47 meters
Thor Heyerdahl Topsail schooner DEU 1930 49.83 meters
Tre Hjärtan Schooner SWE 1946 36 meters
Twister Schooner NLD 1902 36.5 meters
Ucra – The Pomeranian Cog Cog DEU 2001 25 meters
Urania Naval training vessel NLD 2004 26.85 meters
Valkyrien Af Höganäs Shark Cutter SWE 1935 19 meters
Vibe King cruiser 29 DEU 1963 8.6 meters
Vitura Dansk deck boat DNK 1920 13 meters
Coat of arms Of Ueckermünde Ketch DEU 2007 22 meters
Wings Of Wismar Sailing yacht DEU 1967 12.3 meters
Wissemara Cog DEU 2006 31.5 meters
Zephyr 2 mast schooner NLD 1931 28.9 meters
Zuiderzee Schooner NLD 1909 38 meters

The largest and the oldest sailing ship of the Hanse Sail 2021

the largest

Das größte Segelschiff der Hanse Sail 2021 ist das Segelvollschiff Dar Mlodziezy mit einer Länge von 108,6 Metern.

the oldest

Das älteste Segelschiff der Hanse Sail ist der Stagsegelschoner Ethel von Brixham. Das Segelschiff wurde 1890 gebaut uns ist somit stolze 131 Jahre alt.
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