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The Vogelfluglinie celebrates its 60th anniversary and focuses to sustainability

The Vogelflug route between Puttgarden and Rødby is celebrating its 60th anniversary and proving that it does not come to a standstill even to six decades. Scandlines, the ferry operator to this route, attaches particular importance to emission-free operation and sustainability. Over the past decade, various measures have been taken to meet these goals.

From cultural exchange to European cooperation

The Vogelfluglinie was inaugurated in 1963 and has played an important role in cultural and political exchange between Germany and Denmark from the very beginning. At the opening ceremony, German President Heinrich Lübke and Danish King Frederik IX emphasized the importance of the ferry connection for the understanding of the two peoples as well as for trade and European cooperation.

Forward-looking investment in environmentally friendly ferries

As early as 1997, Deutsche Bundesbahn and DSB invested in four new ferries for the Vogelfluglinie. These double-ended ferries were built as diesel-electric ferries, which at that time already signaled the intention to switch to new technologies as soon as they would be available. Over the years, various measures have been taken to reduce fuel consumption and make ferry operations more environmentally friendly.

A look at the modern technology on board

Vogelfluglinie ferries are equipped with advanced technology that supports zero-emission operations. Battery banks for the hybrid system, monitoring systems for power generation and consumption, and low-noise thrusters are just a few examples. Improvements have also been made below the waterline to reduce frictional resistance and lower fuel consumption.

Scandlines ferry Schleswig-Holstein leaves Puttgarden

Scandlines ferry Schleswig-Holstein leaves Puttgarden – Photo: Matthias Tasler/Scandlines

Future-oriented port terminals

With over 315 million passengers since the opening of the Vogelfluglinie, port terminals must also keep up with the times. Electronic solutions in Puttgarden and Rödby ensure fast check-in, while automatic check-in systems based to license plate recognition will be introduced in the near future. These innovations help increase efficiency and make it easier for passengers and vehicles.

The Vogelfluglinie continues to prove its innovative strength to 60 years. Another sign of the future-oriented focus is the planned commissioning of the brand new PR24 electric ferry in 2024. The Vogelfluglinie is thus once again setting standards for sustainable ferry operations and environmental protection.

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