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Enter your travel dates to check ferry times, current prices and availability. You will then see different offers and you can directly book your desired connection with the ferry .

Current position

If you want to know where the ferry is right now, just look at the map below. Here you can see the current position of the ferry .

The map shows the current position of the ferry .

Ferry Vessel data

All interesting ship data about the ferry , technical data, shipping company information, year of built, equipment and other details can be found in the following tables.

technical data

Shipping company info

Shipping company:
Current routes: Ferry Helsinki – Tallinn
Tallinn – Helsinki ferry
Flag: Finland
IMO number: IMO

Shipyard, ship class & year of construction

shipyard: Meyer shipyard, Papenburg
Ship class: Cruise ferry
construction year:

Questions & Answers

››› How big is the ferry ?

The ferry is long, wide and has a draught of .

››› How fast is the vessel?

The ferry up to fast. That is approx. 0 km/h (kilometres per hour)

››› How many passengers fit on the ferry ?

In total, up to passengers can travel on the ferry .

››› Where was the ferry built?

The ferry belongs to the ship class Cruise ferryn and was built on the Meyer shipyard, Papenburg. The year of construction is given as .

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