Scandlines ferry Berlin entering the port of Rostock.
Scandlines ferry Berlin entering the port of Rostock.

Flexible to Scandinavia: Book your summer holiday 2021 with Scandlines

In the dreary winter months, the thought of booking the next summer vacation is tempting. With Scandlines that already is from December 09th, 2020 possible: The Booking for crossings to Denmark in the sunny months is opened. Thanks to the flexible Scandlines tickets and tariffs it is now possible to plan trips early and to adapt them to changed circumstances at a later date. Scandlines convinces interested parties with the practical summer tariffs and at the same time with a high level of environmental awareness and security at the beginning of the holiday.

Scandlines booking for 2021 is open

Whether it's a romantic city trip, a short break as a family or a long weekend with friends - if you want to go on holiday in a relaxed way, the trip on the climate-friendly Scandlines ferry is just the thing. Summer holidays can be planned individually by car and ship: you can choose your own travel times and breaks, and every passenger has the freedom to change plans spontaneously - with special tariffs at no additional cost. With 60 departures a day, one every half hour Ferry from Puttgarden and one up to ten times a day Ferry from Rostock, there is the right travel time for everyone, whether at sunrise over the Baltic Sea or in the twilight hours of the evening. In addition, the shipping company offers the shortest route in the direction Denmark: The crossing is the fastest way to reach the neighboring country in about 45 minutes from Puttgarden. Particularly practical: Scandlines is one of the few shipping companies that includes up to nine people per car and does not levy any height surcharges - even larger groups, friends or families can save on arrival.

Even after departure, the excursion with Scandlines is a special experience: Relaxed on deck, you can look out over the blue sea and the journey begins with pure deceleration. Meanwhile, entertainment for the whole family offers on-board restaurants, coffee and cake, shops on the ship and the opportunity to learn something new on board.

Thanks to the hybrid fleet of the climate-conscious ferry company, you can reach your destination without a guilty conscience: Scandlines pays attention to particularly high climate protection standards, for example a rotor sail is used to reduce CO2 emissions.

Scandlines offers the greatest flexibility in the main travel season with three tried and tested basic tariffs: the Economy tariff, which can be booked online with a specific departure, the Economy EXTRA tariff, which is also available on site and applies to every departure with free capacity on the day booked, and the FLEX tariff, which allows a lot of leeway: It remains valid for up to three months after the booked departure, guarantees transport on the next connection and enables priority boarding. For an additional payment of just 11 euros, anyone who wants additional security can use the optional ticket return service, which grants free cancellation for three months.

However, that offers the maximum flexibility Easy return ticket: It applies to every crossing on the booked outward day as well as every return day until the end of the year and can be canceled free of charge - so that all plans can be varied at any time.

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