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Mostaganem in Algeria attracts visitors with its lively history and cultural diversity. The city offers picturesque beaches on the Mediterranean, ideal for sun worshippers and water sports enthusiasts. Visit the Spanish fortress for a glimpse into the past or enjoy the local cuisine in the numerous cafés and restaurants. Mostaganem is a perfect destination for travelers looking for culture and relaxation.

Timetable, Prices & Availability

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Ferry connections from & to Mostaganem

Here you see an overview of all ferry routes which currently call at the port of Mostaganem:

Route Country of origin & country of destination Number & Duration
Ferry Mostaganem – Valencia AlgeriaSpain 7 times a week
15 hours
Ferry Valencia – Mostaganem SpainAlgeria 7 times a week
16 hours 0 minutes

Brief information harbour Mostaganem

Country: Algeria
Language: Arabic, Tamazight, French
Currency: Algerian dinar (DZD)
Time zone: Africa/Algiers

Addresses & Arrival

To make your journey to Mostaganem easier, you will find all the important addresses in the ferry port of Mostaganem here.

Address ferry harbour Mostaganem

Street: Route du Port
Postcode & city: 27000 Mostaganem
Country: Algeria
GPS: 35.934585, 0.078231

Ferry terminals & other addresses

Provider Address
Balearia Balearia ferry terminal
Route du Port
27000 Mostaganem
GPS: 35.934785, 0.078616
(Latitude, Longitude)
Parking lot Parking lot at the ferry port
Route du Port
27000 Mostaganem
GPS: 35.935458, 0.079277
(Latitude, Longitude)

Travel information

Arrival by car

How to get to the Mostaganem ferry port in Algeria by car:

  • From the east(Algiers): Take the A1 highway heading west. Take the exit towards Mostaganem (N17) and follow the Route du Port to the harbor.
  • From the west (Oran): Take the A1 highway eastbound. Take the exit towards Mostaganem (N17) and follow the Route du Port to the harbor.

Arrival by bus & train

Public transportation in Mostaganem is limited, but there are buses and shared cabs that run close to the ferry port. Check the current timetables before you travel.

Arrival by plane

The nearest airport is Oran Es-Sénia Airport (ORN). From the airport, you can take a cab or bus to the city of Oran and then continue on to Mostaganem. Note that the distance from Oran to Mostaganem is about 70 kilometers.

Karte vom Fährhafen Mostaganem

Map from Mostaganem
Map from Mostaganem

Travel guide: Mostaganem: A hidden gem on the Mediterranean

Algeria’s coastal town of Mostaganem enchants visitors with its fascinating mix of historic architecture, picturesque beaches and vibrant cultures. Discover this secret treasure that elegantly combines history and modernity.

Places of interest and excursions

Mostaganem offers a variety of cultural and natural sights:

  • Turkish Palace: A historical landmark that reflects the Ottoman architecture in Mostaganem.
  • Sablettes beach: A popular meeting place for sun worshippers and water sports enthusiasts.
  • Mostaganem Park: A green retreat in the city, ideal for walks and family outings.
  • Port of Mostaganem: watch the ships arriving and departing and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.
  • Pacha Mosque: One of the oldest mosques in the city, known for its impressive architecture.


You can enjoy numerous activities in Mostaganem:

  • Beach walks: explore the beautiful coastline and enjoy the sunset by the sea.
  • Local markets: Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle and discover traditional crafts and local specialties.
  • Water sports: take the opportunity to go sailing, surfing or jet skiing on Mostaganem’s beaches.

History of the place

Mostaganem has a rich history dating back to the 11th century. The city was an important port and trading point in the region and reflects a mixture of different cultures and eras.

Eating, drinking and shopping

Enjoy Algerian cuisine with dishes such as couscous and tajine in the local restaurants. Mostaganem also offers a wide range of shopping opportunities, from traditional markets to modern stores.

Public transport

Mostaganem has a network of buses and cabs that make it easy to explore the city and its surroundings.


The city offers a wide range of accommodation, from charming guest houses to comfortable hotels to suit every budget.

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