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Welcome to Rønne to charming island of Bornholm! Immerse yourself in the charming flair of this Danish port city. Explore the historic old town with its colorful houses, enjoy delicious Danish specialties in the cozy restaurants and discover the diverse culture of the island. Whether strolling along the harbor, visiting museums or shopping in the many stores – Rønne will delight you with its unique charm. Let yourself be enchanted by the relaxed atmosphere of the city and experience unforgettable moments to Bornholm!

Ferry connections from & to Rönne

Here you see an overview of all ferry routes which currently call at the port of Rönne:

Route Country of origin & country of destination Number & Duration
Ferry Swinoujscie (Swinoujscie) – Rønne PolandBornholm 1 time per week
6 hours
Ferry Ystad – Rønne SwedenBornholm, Denmark 7 times a day
1 hour 20 minutes
Ferry Køge – Rønne (Bornholm) DenmarkBornholm, Denmark 7 times a week
5 hours 30 minutes
Ferry Sassnitz (Rügen) – Rønne (Bornholm) GermanyBornholm, Denmark 2 times a day
3 hours

Brief information harbour Rönne

Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Currency: Danish krone (DKK)
Time zone: Europe/Copenhagen, CET (Central European Time)

Addresses & Arrival

To make your journey to Rönne easier, you will find all the important addresses in the ferry port of Rönne here.

Address ferry harbour Rönne

Street: Munch Petersens Vej 2
Postcode & city: 3700 Rønne
Country: Denmark
GPS: 55.100911, 14.691631

Ferry terminals & other addresses

Provider Address
Bornholmslinjen Bornholmslinjen ferry terminal
Sverigesvej 1
3700 Rønne
GPS: 55.099956, 14.691255
(Latitude, Longitude)
Parking lot Public parking lot
3700 Rønne
GPS: 55.101936, 14.690510
(Latitude, Longitude)
E-charging station E.ON Charging Station - 2x Type2 11 kW
Bådehavnsvej 3
3700 Rønne
GPS: 55.102080, 14.690472
(Latitude, Longitude)
Motorhome parking space DCU-Camping Rønne Strand - Galløkken
Strandvejen 4
3700 Rønne
GPS: 55.089196, 14.705068
(Latitude, Longitude)

Travel information

Getting to Bornholm by car

The road connections on Bornholm are manageable. The most important road is Route 38, which connects Rönne with Nexö. From anywhere on the island, you can follow the signs to Rønne to reach the ferry port. The main road connections all lead to Rønne.

Arrival by bus & train

There are regular bus services connecting various places on the island with Rønne. Check the current timetable of BAT (Bornholm’s public transport system) for bus connections to the ferry port of Rønne.

Arrival by plane

  • Bornholm Airport (RNN): There are regular flights to Bornholm Airport from various Danish cities and international destinations. From the airport you can take a cab or bus to Rønne ferry terminal.

Karte vom Fährhafen Rönne

Map from Rönne
Map from Rönne

Travel guide: Rönne – Discover the charm of the Danish port town to Bornholm

Welcome to Rönne, the charming harbor town to Danish island of Bornholm. A place full of charm, history and relaxed Danish lifestyle awaits you here. Immerse yourself in the maritime flair of the harbor, explore the narrow streets of the old town and let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere. Rönne offers a variety of sights, activities and culinary delights that will delight you.

Places of interest & excursions

Rönne has a wealth of places worth seeing. Visit the imposing St. Nicolai Church, whose tower offers an impressive view over the city and the sea. Bornholms Museum gives you an insight into the history and culture of the island. Walk along the idyllic coast to Hammerknuden, a natural rock formation, or explore romantic Helligdomsklipperne, an impressive cliff formation.

  • Bornholm Museum: Immerse yourself in the history of Bornholm from the Stone Age to the present day.
  • Hjorth’s factory: Discover this historic ceramics factory, which is now a living museum and artist’s studio.
  • St. Nicolai Church: This 14th century church is an architectural gem with an impressive history.
  • Pea Islands: A group of small islands that are a popular destination for boat trips and nature watching.
  • Rönne Havn: The lively harbor offers a picturesque backdrop and is the gateway to the Baltic Sea.


In Rönne there are many activities that offer you variety and fun. Rent a bike and explore the island to well-developed bike paths. Enjoy relaxing hours on the beach, build sandcastles or venture into the refreshing sea. Join a guided hike and discover the diverse nature of the island. Or browse the charming boutiques and souvenir stores and find unique keepsakes.

  • Bike tours: Explore the picturesque landscapes of Bornholm on two wheels.
  • Beach visits: Enjoy the sun and the sea on the beautiful beaches of Rönne.
  • Cultural events: Experience local festivals and events that celebrate Rönne’s cultural heritage.

Food and drink and shopping

In Rönne, cozy cafes, restaurants and bars await you, where you can enjoy Danish cuisine. Taste through the culinary specialties such as Smørrebrød, fish dishes and delicious pastry variations. For those who like to cook their own food, there is also a lively weekly market to you can buy fresh local produce. Rönne also offers a variety of stores where you can discover local crafts, fashion and souvenirs.

Public transport

Rönne has a well-developed public transport system. You can easily reach the surrounding places and sights to Bornholm by bus. The buses run regularly and provide a reliable connection within the island. Check the current schedules and ticket prices to plan your trips optimally.

Arrival and departure

The arrival and departure to Rönne is often by ferry. Rönne Havn Terminal is the central point for ferry connections.

Find out about ferry connections and ticket bookings in advance to make your trip smooth. A ferry ride to Rönne is already an experience in itself, where you can admire the beautiful coast of Bornholm.


In Rönne and the surrounding area you will find a variety of accommodations to suit your taste and budget. From cozy guesthouses and apartments to stylish hotels, there is something for everyone. Stay directly in the old town and enjoy the proximity to the sights or choose accommodation in the idyllic nature of the surrounding area. Plan your stay in time and find the perfect accommodation for a relaxing and unforgettable vacation.

Rönne to island of Bornholm is a charming harbor town that delights with its history, culture and relaxed atmosphere. Explore the sights, enjoy the many activities, taste the Danish cuisine and experience the hospitality of the locals. The arrival by ferry and the choice of accommodation offer you flexibility and comfort. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Rönne and experience unforgettable moments to Bornholm.

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