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Travel by ferry to Ruegen! Travelling to Ruegen couldn't be more relaxed than by ferry. This way you start your Ruegen holiday rested and without stress.

With the ferry from Stahlbrode to Glewitz there is a (seasonal) connection from the mainland to the island of Rügen. There are also several ferries between Hiddensee and Rügen. The port in Mukran is served by Ferries from Ystad in Sweden and Rönne on the Danish island of Bornholm.

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All ferries to Ruegen

Here you find all current ferry connections to Ruegen.

Ferry connection Country of origin & country of destination Number &
Duration of trip
Shipping company
Ferry Ystad – Sassnitz Ferry from Sweden to Germany 2 times a day
2 hour(s) 30 minutes
FRS Baltic
Trelleborg – Sassnitz ferry Ferry from Sweden to Germany 14 times a week
4 hours 15 minutes
FRS Baltic
Ferry Rønne (Bornholm) – Sassnitz (Rügen) Ferry from Bornholm, Denmark to Germany 2 times a day
3 hour(s)

All ferries from Ruegen

Here you find all current ferry connections from Ruegen.

Ferry connection Country of origin & country of destination Number &
Duration of trip
Shipping company
Ferry Sassnitz – Ystad Ferry from Germany to Sweden 2 times a day
2 hour(s) 30 minutes
FRS Baltic
Sassnitz – Trelleborg ferry Ferry from Germany to Sweden 14 times a week
4 hours
FRS Baltic
Ferry Sassnitz (Rügen) – Rønne (Bornholm) Ferry from Germany to Bornholm, Denmark 2 times a day
3 hour(s)

Ferry ports at Ruegen

You can find an overview of all ferry ports at Ruegen here.


Travel guide Ruegen

Holiday at Ruegen

Germany’s largest island shows its guests a varied face at any time of the year. It invites you to long walks on the beach, promises unique experiences in nature and varied leisure activities. The holiday resorts on Rügen offer the opportunity to stroll and stroll and convince with a wide range of cultural events.

TOP excursion destinations at Ruegen

Among the most popular landmarks of the island are the chalk cliffs. With white cliffs, green beech forests and the blue of the sea, this impressive sight has made it onto the list of UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites. The highest point is marked by the Königsstuhl, which rises 118 metres out of the sea.

A special attraction awaits young and old at the Rügen Natural Heritage Centre. A treetop path leads through the beech forest at a height of up to 17 metres. Nature lovers can learn a lot of interesting facts about the habitat and its inhabitants at nine educational stations. From the lookout tower Adlerhorst you have a wonderful panoramic view over Rügen and the Baltic Sea.

Visitors can also look forward to an impressive cliff at Cape Arkona. With the Schinkelturm, the Kap Arkona beacon and the Peilturm, three picturesque lighthouses promise a magnificent view. The small fishing village of Vitt and the historic Jaromarsburg castle wall make a trip to the cape perfect.

Surrounded by old beech trees, the Granitz hunting lodge awaits its guests. The popular castle was built in the 19th century. The almost 40 metre high central tower gives the brick building its unmistakable appearance and also offers a magnificent panoramic view.

Beautiful to look at is the magnificent pier of Sellin. It reaches 394 metres out into the sea and since its reconstruction at the end of the 1990s has been inviting visitors to take a leisurely stroll in a historic setting. From here, the diving gondola takes you down into the depths of the Baltic Sea.

Rather strange is the mood in Prora. The “Colossus of Rügen”, a four and a half kilometre long structure, was once intended to serve as a KdF seaside resort. It was never completed and is now a listed building. Since 2012, modern residential complexes, cafés and restaurants have been built here.


All ferry connections to the island of Rügen

Entry requirements

EU citizens need an identity card or a passport to enter Germany. All travel documents must be valid until the end of the trip.

Alternative travel options

An alternative arrival is possible by car via the Rügenbrücke. There are direct connections to Rügen from many German train stations, and the same applies to long-distance buses. The island’s airport is geared towards small aircraft.

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