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Travel by ferry to Ireland! Travelling to Ireland couldn't be more relaxed than by ferry. This way you start your Ireland holiday rested and without stress.

To travel to Ireland by Fähre, you can choose from several alternatives. From France Fähredepart from Roscoff and Cherbourg, from Spain from Bilbao. There are also direct connections from England (Liverpool), Scotland (Cairnryan), Wales (Holyhead, Fishguard, Pembroke) and the Isle of Man (Douglas). The Irish ferry ports are Cork, Rosslare, Dublin and Belfast.

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All ferries to Ireland

Here you find all current ferry connections to Ireland.

Ferry connection Country of origin & country of destination Shipping company
Ferry Cairnryan – Larne Ferry from Scotland, Great Britain to Northern Ireland, Ireland, Irish Sea Ferries, United Kingdom
Ferry Holyhead – Dublin Ferry from Wales, Great Britain to Ireland, Irish Sea Ferries
ferry Liverpool – Dublin Ferry from England, Great Britain to Ireland, Irish Sea Ferries


All ferries from Ireland

Here you find all current ferry connections from Ireland.

Ferry connection Country of origin & country of destination Shipping company
Ferry Larne – Cairnryan Ferry from Northern Ireland, Ireland, Irish Sea Ferries, United Kingdom to Scotland, Great Britain
ferry Dublin – Holyhead Ferry from Ireland, Irish Sea Ferries to Wales, Great Britain
ferry Dublin – Liverpool Ferry from Ireland, Irish Sea Ferries to England, Great Britain


Ferry ports in Ireland

You can find an overview of all ferry ports in Ireland here.

Ports Number of ferry terminals
Dublin 1
Rosslare 1
Larne 1
Belfast 1
Cork 1


Holiday in Ireland

Green pastures, steep cliffs and Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see. Add to that eventful history, historic walls, national pride and a freshly tapped Guinness on tap. All this is part of Ireland and promises holidays that are filled with the special charm of this country.


TOP excursion destinations in Ireland

The river Liffey divides Ireland’s capital Dublin into two halves. The historic buildings of the city centre are within easy walking distance of various Official Dublin Discovery Trails. Passing Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Temple Bar and Parnell Square, you will experience a lively city with an eventful history and its friendly inhabitants.

The venerable Trinity College was founded in 1592 and houses a valuable Irish cultural treasure: the Book of Kells. Visitors can marvel at the world’s most famous medieval book in the Old Library.

Blarney Castle has a long history, dating back to the 10th century. From the entrance, an 800 metre long path leads through the garden to the castle, 120 steps higher, a special highlight awaits the visitors in the Towerhouse: the Blarney Stone. Anyone who kisses it is said to gain the gift of free speech – upside down at a height of 30 metres….

The ruins of the Rock of Cashel offer everything that delights castle lovers. It lies as if painted on a mighty rock and inspires with its many towers, battlements and gables. Once the kings lived here and many legends about fairies and ghosts entwine around this fascinating place.

Those who pay a visit to the Boyne Valley can expect several highlights at once. At Trim Castle you’ll visit what was once the largest Norman fort in Europe, and at Newgrange you’ll experience a burial site older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids.

The Cliffs of Moher offer a beautiful natural spectacle. They rise steeply up to 200 meters out of the Atlantic. The almost 20 kilometre long Coastal Walk leads along the cliffs and promises unique views. Not for people with fear of heights!

One of the highlights of a trip to Ireland is without a doubt the Ring of Kerry. The famous panoramic road runs for 179 kilometres through spectacular landscapes, past rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, mountain ranges and historic sights.

Those looking for seclusion and pure nature will find both in the Connemara National Park. Barren mountains, endless moors and wide heath landscapes characterize the picture here. The park has set itself the task of protecting the endemic flora and fauna. Wild Connemara ponies, for example, live in the park.

Tory Island (Toraigh) is located 10.5 kilometres off the coast of Donegal in the northwest of Ireland. The small island can be reached by Ferries from Magheroarty and Bunberg. Tory Island is Northern Ireland’s most northerly island settlement and an insider’s tip for a day trip.


Entry requirements Ireland

To enter Ireland, German citizens need an identity card, a passport or a child’s passport. Important: All documents must be valid for both entry and exit. A visa is not required for travel to Ireland.


Alternative travel options

All ferry ports to Ireland are easily accessible by car, motorhome, bus and train. A quicker way is by plane, from Germany there are several international destinations to choose from.


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