Mediterranean Ferries: Discover dream beaches, history & exciting metropolises

The Mediterranean FähreTirrenia Nuraghes and Moby Dada
The Mediterranean FähreTirrenia Nuraghes and Moby Dada

The Mediterranean is considered to be the most popular destination, along with the northern part of Europe. The short journey by plane, for example to Mallorca, is uncomplicated and inexpensive. Many hours of sunshine and almost year-round mild to warm temperatures make the Mediterranean attractive for cruisers.

The Mediterranean as a destination for a trip

The Mediterranean is considered to be the most popular tourist destination next to the northern part of Europe. The short journey by plane, for example to Mallorca, is uncomplicated and inexpensive. Many hours of sunshine and almost year-round mild to warm temperatures make the area attractive to cruisers. In addition, the destinations have a deep history and exciting metropolises to offer alongside beautiful beaches. Mediterranean trips are therefore characterized by versatility.
In principle, a distinction is made between the western and eastern Mediterranean when travelling by ship to the Mediterranean. The “Western Mediterranean” route calls at ports such as Palma de Mallorca, Palermo, Rome, Marseille and Barcelona. If you choose the eastern route, you will stop in Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens, Istanbul and the Greek islands. Often the relatively smaller secondary seas are also integrated into such a route, so that a stop in Egypt or Israel is conceivable.


Mediterranean FähreOffers

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The best time to travel for a Mediterranean holiday

Basically, Mediterranean trips are on offer all year round with the tour operators. If the goal of your trip is to enjoy some sun and see the great capitals, you can set sail at this time of year without hesitation. Then the perfect temperatures prevail to visit all the highlights without sweating and to go shopping extensively. If you rather want to enjoy the dream beaches, you should definitely go on your trip during the summer months. The same is true if you’re traveling with school-age children and rely on summer vacation. If this is not the case, autumn is also a beautiful time. Then it is still bathing warm, but not so crowded in the cities.


Ports in the Mediterranean

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca expects more than two ships daily, so that handling terminals are correspondingly large and several berths are available. It is four to six kilometres into the city centre to La Seu Cathedral. For six to twelve euros, the shipping companies organize shuttle buses to bring the arriving guests comfortably into the city centre. Furthermore, there is tourist infrastructure such as taxis, public buses and ATMs. Renting a bike or a rental car is not a problem if you want to explore not only Palma but the whole island. The way to the city beach of Playa de Palma is not far. ›››
Fähreto Mallorca


The port in Alicante is not far out in the harbour. A short walk will take you to the port shuttle buses, which are provided free of charge by the port authority. They’ll take you to the exit of the harbor. From there, you’re within minutes of the immediate city center and close to all the main sights. ›››
Fähreto Alicante


Very centrally located ferry terminals as well as further berths near the Aquarium and the World Trade Center allow a short way into the city centre. As Barcelona is full of highlights for which you need to be careful with your feet, it is advisable to use the blue, highly visible harbour buses to get to the centre. For prices between six and eight euros, round-trip transfers are organized. If you want to explore the city on your own, you should order tickets in advance. These allow you to walk past the long queues. ›››
Fähreto Barcelona


Valencia has a very extensive port area. The long distances do not allow a walk to the city centre. Shuttle buses of the city as well as transfers of the shipping company bring the guests for six to twelve euros there and back and stop at a central place. Buses also run to the town beach, just under two kilometres away, making a swim and enjoyment stay convenient. ›››
Fähreto Valencia


The port of Malaga is extensive with space for several ships of this size. There are a number of shops, bars and restaurants along the pier – but the walk into the town centre is still not to be underestimated. Beside shuttle buses of the city as well as shipping company, a small tourist train drives cheaply to the oldtown.
On the other hand, if you want to swim, you can reach the beautiful sandy beach after 300 meters without needing a bus shuttle. ›››
Fähreto Malaga


The port in Naples is located opposite the Castel Nuovo and is therefore very central. The old town is within walking distance. Shuttle buses are superfluous, taxis are available for comfortable guests. You can explore Naples wonderfully on foot. A rack railway built in 1928 also runs between the old town and the Vomero district. There is a castle there that offers great views of the town center and the volcano. ›››
Fähreto Naples


In Palermo, the Fähreare close to the city centre – there is no need for shuttle buses or other transfers. After docking, the old town, cathedral and Norman Palace can be visited without waiting. Especially at the terminal in the port, watch out for pickpockets who like to make their mischief among the crowds of arriving tourists. ›››
Fähreto Palermo


Rome is 80 kilometres from the sea, which is why Civitavecchia is the port of call. Due to these circumstances, the ships do not set sail in the early evening as usual, but stay some time longer.
For the first way from the ship to the train station of Civitavecchia there are shuttle buses. You should leave this at the end of the pier and walk to the train station to catch the train to Rome Central Station. This is the cheapest and fastest way to reach the holy city. If you go on your own, you should buy a combined ticket. This then applies to public transport in Rome as well as the regional train to and from Rome. ›››
Fähreto Civitavecchia


Olbia’s ferry terminal is very modern and centrally built. At about two kilometers from the city center, you can walk or alternatively use the shuttle buses. They run every ten minutes and stop in the centre at the town hall. There is also a tourist information office that provides maps and information material. A scenic tram departs from there at a reasonable price, which you can use to get a first overview. ›››
Fähreto Olbia


In Corsica, the port is located in the capital Ajaccio. The terminal is centrally located. In less than ten minutes you can walk to some beautiful beaches and the city centre. Transfers are not needed in Ajaccio, but taxis are available at the port. ›››
Fähreto Corsica


The passenger station is located in Crete/Greece in the capital Heraklion and is very spacious. However, as the boats usually stop close to the city, you can be in the city centre in ten minutes on foot. Yellow lines mark the way to the city centre from the harbour quay. Shuttle buses are unnecessary, public buses as well as taxis run when needed. ›››
Fähreto Crete


The modern ferry terminal in Marmaris, Turkey, is located three kilometres from the city centre. Walking there is highly recommended, as you will pass many nice shops and promenades and also get a good first impression of the Turkish metropolis. ›››
Fähreto Marmaris


TOP 10 Destinations & Sights in the Mediterranean Sea

St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome

After 120 years of construction, St. Peter’s Basilica is the ne plus ultra of all churches in Christendom and is visited by 20,000 people daily. As soon as you walk in, it chokes you up with excitement. You will stop in awe and admire this masterpiece of architecture. Never again will a church impress you so. Take in the grandeur, paintings, construction and immense height and buy a ticket to climb to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia was thoughtfully created by the bizarre artist and architect Antoni Gaudi. To this day, the building remains unfinished, as Gaudi died in a traffic accident in 1926. Every stone that is used here is made by hand. When completed, the Sagrada Familia will have 18 towers, the tallest of which will be the highest church tower in the world at 170 metres. Bizarre and colourful, this is how the Sagrada Familia also appears from the inside. You should take enough time for the sightseeing, there is a lot to discover.

Etna volcano in Sicily

Etna, at 3352 metres, is the largest still active volcano in Europe and worth a visit at any time of year. There is a ski area in the volcano area, and chairlifts also go to one of the intermediate stations. You can only climb Etna during calm periods, when a mountain guide will take you to the crater rim. If small eruptions are announced, the crater area is off limits and you will reach a maximum of 2500 to 2700 meters.


The ancient city of Pompeii, as is widely known, was destroyed by the colossal volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. All the people died and the city was buried under many meter thick layers of ash and pumice. These excavations are so fascinating that you can’t miss this shore excursion. Due to wind, weather and other external influences, the excavations are unfortunately not for absolute eternity.

Amphitheatre in Cagliari, Sardinia

The amphitheatre of the city of Cagliari was built directly into a rock crevice and is now only used for sightseeing. In between, it was once again open for public events. Impressive is the construction method of that time, with which with the simplest means, partly without tools, such great buildings were created.

Carthage excavation

The ruins of Carthage in Tunisia are one of the highlights of the country. The city was completely destroyed by the Romans. Visiting the remains of the Roman Empire and walking in Hannibal’s footsteps can be combined with an exploration of the capital Tunis. This way you will have culture and modernity in one day and at the same time visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pyramids of Giza

Mediterranean tours that take a detour to the Red Sea offer the famous Pyramids of Giza as a shore excursion. With an age of about 4500 years they belong to the oldest wonders of the ancient world and are absolutely worth seeing. The tombs will impress you very much and bring you closer to the culture of the country.

city of Cairo

The shore excursion in Cairo offers you a colourful potpourri of history, culture as well as country and people. Visit the Citadel of Saladin, which is completely preserved, and the Muhammad Ali Mosque. Numerous museums and mosques will inspire you culturally. The colourful Chan el-Chalili market will make your shopping heart beat faster. Everywhere you can smell spices, tea, hookah and many souvenirs for the ones at home.

Palace of Knossos

Knossos is the most important archaeological site on the island of Crete. It has been awarded the European Heritage Label by the country of Greece. The entire complex was elaborately excavated and restored at great expense. As a result, it does not need much imagination, but the excavation site explains itself very understandably during the visit.

Samaria Gorge

At 13 kilometres, the longest gorge in Europe is only offered on trips during the summer months. It is only open from May to October. You can do some excellent hiking in the gorge. Numerous drinking water sources, safety guards, toilets as well as litter bins are located along the trail. The hike is impressive with varied flora and fauna, especially in the early morning hours.


FAQ: Questions & Answers about the Mediterranean Vacation

Which shipping companies offer Mediterranean ferries?

FähreMediterranean are offered by many major shipping companies such as Moby Lines, Tirrenia, GNV, Corsica Ferries, Corsica Linea and many more.

What is the climate in the Mediterranean?

The climate in the Mediterranean region is Mediterranean and mild. Summers usually offer more than 300 hours of sunshine with very little rainfall and extremely pleasant temperatures. In the winter months, the sun shines much less frequently. Rain showers occur more often, although they are never long-lasting rainy seasons.

What clothes should I take with me?

For a holiday on the Mediterranean, a mixture of all types of clothing is recommended. While it will be very warm on land during the summer months between May and October, it can get a little cooler on the upper deck due to the ship’s breeze, especially in the evening hours. If you also got a sunburn during the day, the body cools down this overheating and you feel cold even faster anyway. So besides breezy summer clothes, you should also pack a few thin jackets. Also an umbrella should never be missing in the luggage. Sturdy and well worn comfortable shoes are essential for shore excursions in the Mediterranean. Cities like Rome offer an insane amount to explore, so you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

Is a Mediterranean trip with baby or toddler possible and recommended?

A trip to the Mediterranean with a baby or small child is completely harmless and possible without any problems. Each of the cities visited has a well-developed health system and there is always a German-speaking doctor on board. There is also an infirmary for emergencies. In addition, shipping companies such as AIDA, Costa or Mein Schiff offer a sophisticated children’s programme, so that the little passengers will never be bored. Necessary accessories for babies and toddlers can be booked in advance and thus rented for the duration of the trip. These include bed rails, baby monitors, baths, potties, toilet attachments and of course buggies. The on-board restaurants and bars warm up the baby food. Children’s chairs are of course available in the restaurants on board.

Which shore excursions are recommended in the Mediterranean?

The shore excursions offered around Spain, Italy, France and the other Mediterranean countries are without exception worth seeing. There are suitable offers for every taste. By doing this, you should pick out what interests you and not stay on the ship when it is at anchor. In the Mediterranean region, it’s bordering on an absolute waste not to check out the exciting metropolises.

Can I organize excursions in the Mediterranean myself?

Among the ports of call there are some that are so centrally located that even organised excursions are no problem. Few, on the other hand, are more complicated in terms of location and transport. A guided trip is definitely recommended in these.
Palma, Palermo and Barcelona are examples of cities you can explore on your own. There, you can reach all the sights on foot and, except for the Sagrada Familia, you won’t have to wait long before a visit. In addition, the highlights are located close to each other and are provided with background information by audio guides.
Valencia, on the other hand, is difficult to explore on your own. There you should book a guided shore excursion to see everything important. The same applies to the excavations in Greece and historical sites on the Red Sea.

Is the sea state in the Mediterranean very strong?

The swell in the Mediterranean Sea is not particularly strong under normal weather conditions. On days with more wind it can fluctuate a little, and the position of the cabin also determines the strength of the sea state sensation. Cabins that are amidships are less susceptible to swell due to the ship stabilizers located there, so it’s a good tip if you have a sensitive stomach. During the winter months, thunderstorms or rain may be more frequent than in the summer. However, there are usually no big waves or strong currents.

Do I need a passport or is an identity card sufficient for the Mediterranean trip?

For the destinations visited on a Mediterranean trip, an identity card, which must still be valid, is sufficient. A valid passport and a temporary identity card or passport are also accepted.


Our conclusion on the Mediterranean holiday by Fähre

In summary, the Mediterranean as a destination for your next holiday is an absolutely balanced, diverse destination. The beautiful dream beaches along the Spanish and Greek islands offer you peace and relaxation. Crystal-clear water lets your soul dangle after you have enjoyed the typical delicacies of the country. Your mind will be challenged in the breathtaking cities, which could hardly be more diverse. In addition to modernity in Palma or Barcelona, you’ll encounter the ancient city of Rome, excavations in Greece and full cultural programs in the Eastern Mediterranean. The French destinations invite you to stroll and enjoy. It is not for nothing that cruises to the Mediterranean are among the most popular – for every generation.


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