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Travel by ferry to Mexico! Travelling to Mexico couldn't be more relaxed than by ferry. This way you start your Mexico holiday rested and without stress.

Mexico is not accessible by ferry from other countries. There are nevertheless some domestic ferries in Mexico

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All ferries within Mexico

Here you can find all current ferry connections within Mexico.

Ferry connection Country of origin & country of destination Number &
Duration of trip
Shipping company
Fähre Cozumel – Playa del Carmen Inland ferry Mexiko 18 mal täglich
1 Stunde(n) 0 Minuten
Ferry La Paz – Mazatlan Inland ferry Baja California Sur, Mexico 3 times a week
13 hours
Baja Ferries
Ferry La Paz – Topolobampo Inland ferry Baja California Sur, Mexico 6 times a week
7 hour(s)
Baja Ferries
Ferry Mazatlan – La Paz Inland ferry Mexico 3 times a week
13 hours
Baja Ferries
Ferry Topolobampo – La Paz Inland ferry Mexico 6 times a week
7 hour(s)
Baja Ferries
Ferry Playa del Carmen – Cozumel Inland ferry Mexico 30 times a day
1 hours 0 minutes

Ferry ports in Mexico

You can find an overview of all ferry ports in Mexico here.

Playa del Carmen
La Paz

Travel guide Mexico

Holiday in Mexico

Mexico offers culturally interested travelers a variety of fascinating Mayan and Aztec sites. The landscapes are characterized by volcanoes, Caribbean dream beaches and mysterious freshwater caves. A stay in Mexico is rounded off by the country’s typical cuisine, which was not for nothing declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

TOP excursion destinations in Mexico

Mexico City is home to an estimated 22 million people. The metropolis is rich in culture and history, its centre is the Plaza de la Constitución with its mighty cathedral. The National Museum, the Imperial Residence, the Floating Gardens of the Aztecs and a stroll through the Alameda Central People’s Garden are also among the highlights of Mexico’s capital.

Mexico offers a variety of Mayan sites. The one of Tulum inspires by its unique position at the sea. Framed by palm trees, white sandy beach and crystal clear water, there is the opportunity for an extensive bath to the sightseeing.

Truly impressive is the largest Mayan city Chichén Itzá with its temple-pyramid El Castillo. On each of its four sides 91 steps lead up, together with the top exactly one for each day of the year. The ruins of Coba, Uxmal and Teotihuacán are also among the most important sites in the world.

The volcano Popocatepetl offers a fascinating sight. It reaches a height of 5,462 meters and is Mexico’s most active volcano. Worth seeing are the monasteries around the volcano. They were built in the 16th century to convert the local population to Christianity.

The island of Cozumel is considered a paradise among divers and snorkelers. The coral reefs inspire with their colourful biodiversity, which is protected within the framework of a maritime national park.

A refreshing bath in crystal clear water is offered by the so-called cenotes. The underwater caves are part of a gigantic altitude system that stretches for more than 1,000 kilometres. Especially popular are the Cenote Azul, the Dos Ojos and the Ik-Kil – what a blaze of colour.

At Agua Azul, the Rio Tuljia pours through the rainforest in bright turquoise. Over a length of seven kilometres, it overcomes more than 500 limestone cascades and forms wonderful natural pools to way for bathing in a fantastic setting.

Entry requirements

EU citizens must present a passport upon entry. It is important that all travel documents are in good condition and valid for at least six months at the time of entry. German tourists do not need a visa. Upon entry, you will receive a tourist card entitling you to a maximum stay of 180 days.

Alternative travel options

From Germany or other European countries it is recommended to travel by plane, Munich, Frankfurt and other major European cities offer direct flights to Mexico City. There are also regular flights to Cancún, Acapulco or Puerto Vallerta. By land, it is possible to enter the country by car, bus and train via the USA. There are bus connections from Guatemala and Belize.

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