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Panoramic view of the St. Petersburg skyline from a cruise ship
Panorama of St. Petersburg

Travel by ferry to Russia! Travelling to Russia couldn't be more relaxed than by ferry. This way you start your Russia holiday rested and without stress.

St Petersburg in Russia can be reached by Fähre from Finland (Helsinki) and Sweden (Stockholm).

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All ferries to Russia

Here you find all current ferry connections to Russia.

Ferry connection Country of origin & country of destination Number &
Duration of trip
Shipping company
Ferry Helsinki – Saint Petersburg Ferry from Finland to Russia 3 times a week
14 hours
St. Peter Line
Ferry Stockholm – Saint Petersburg Ferry from Sweden to Russia 1 time a week
38 hours 30 minutes
St. Peter Line

All ferries from Russia

Here you find all current ferry connections from Russia.

Ferry connection Country of origin & country of destination Number &
Duration of trip
Shipping company
Ferry Saint Petersburg – Helsinki Ferry from Russia to Finland 2 times a week
13 hours
St. Peter Line
Ferry Saint Petersburg – Stockholm Ferry from Russia to Sweden 2 times a week
39 hours 30 minutes
St. Peter Line

Ferry ports in Russia

You can find an overview of all ferry ports in Russia here.

Saint Petersburg

Travel guide Russia

Holiday in Russia

A journey to the largest country in the world leads to magnificent metropolises, churches, castles and palaces. Diverse landscapes promise seclusion in rough wilderness or bathing pleasures under palm trees. As a country rich in water, Russia offers many rivers, lakes and a coastline of around 40,000 kilometres.

TOP excursion destinations in Russia

Moscow offers its visitors world-famous sights. These include St Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre and Gorky Park. Located directly on the Moskva River, it is considered the green lung of the megacity.

St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow is of unique beauty. From the outside it fascinates with its colourful onion domes and cupolas, from the inside with a total of nine churches. They are all richly decorated, colorful and beautiful to look at. Fortunately, photography is allowed here.

The tsar city of Saint Petersburg knows how to inspire with tsar palaces, classicist architecture and baroque churches. It is not for nothing that it is considered the cultural capital of the country. Countless canals and hundreds of bridges exude a special charm. Masterpieces by da Vinci and Rembrandt hang in the Hermitage. Peter and Paul Fortress and Peterhof Palace invite you to a journey to the time of the tsars.

Peterhof Palace is also known as the Russian Versailles. It was built by Peter I. A tour of the baroque palace takes in private chambers, the Throne Room and the Great Hall. Garden and park invite to extensive walks. Past water games, Neptune’s Fountain and the Golden Cascade, they lead to the Baltic Sea.

The Trans-Siberian Railway crosses Russia over a distance of 9,288 kilometres. It leads from Moscow to the Pacific coast to Vladivostok. The journey will pass through two continents, seven time zones and 400 stations. The entire route takes 144 hours.

In the vastness of Siberia lies Lake Baikal, the deepest, oldest and most water-rich lake on earth. It measures an impressive 1,600 metres at its deepest point. The entire region around the lake is ideal for hiking and wildlife watching and has been a World Heritage Site since 1996. In the winter months the lake freezes over completely.

In the Volga Delta, the longest river in Europe flows into the Caspian Sea, the largest inland lake on earth. Here millions of birds find an ideal habitat. Pelicans, storks and sea eagles enjoy the abundance of fish. In summer, the nature shines in bright colors during the lotus blossom.

Entry requirements

Entry to Russia is only possible for citizens with German citizenship with a passport or (children’s) passport. An identity card alone is not sufficient. Generally, it is required that the identity documents are valid for at least six months beyond the date of departure. They must also not be damaged. A visa is also required for entry, exit and transit, which must be applied for in good time before arrival.

Alternative travel options

Getting to Russia overland takes a long time and is expensive. For example, a one-way train journey from Berlin to Moscow takes 20 hours and costs an average of 300 euros, and a transit visa for Belarus is also required. By plane, the journey from Germany to Moscow and St. Petersburg takes just a few hours. From here, planes take off to the more distant regions of the country.

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