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Travel by ferry from Sassnitz to Ystad

You want to travel from Sassnitz to Ystad? Then offers you the Sassnitz-Ystad ferry a quick and cheap option for your trip. The ferry brings you Twice a day in 2 hour (s) 2 minutes from Sassnitz (Germany) to Ystad (Sweden).

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Information about the ferry Sassnitz - Ystad

Ferry connection: Ferry Sassnitz - Ystad
Port of departure: Sassnitz (Germany)
Destination port: Ystad (Sweden)
Travel duration / travel time: 2 hour (s) 30 minutes
Number of crossings: 2 times a day
Season: September 17th - November 1st, 2020 & March-November 2021
Price including car: from € 75,00
Pedestrian price: from € 24,00
Your ship (s): FRS Skane Jet
Your shipping company (s): FRS ferries
Booking: Book the ferry Sassnitz - Ystad


Timetable & prices - overview

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Sassnitz-Ystad ferry timetable 2021

From Sassnitz Mukran (Rügen) From Ystad (Skåne)
Thu - Sun * (March 20.03th - June 20.06.2021th, 30.08 and August 07.11.2021th - November XNUMXth, XNUMX)
Mon - Sun * (June 21.06-29.08.2021, XNUMX)
Departure in Sassnitz Arrival in Ystad Departure from Ystad Arrival in Sassnitz
08:15 10:45 11:45 14:15
15:45 18:15 19:15 21:45

* Timetable valid from March 20.03.2021th, 2021 for the year XNUMX. Departures are from Thursday to Sunday (March 20.03 - June 20.06.2021, 30.08 and August 07.11.2021 - November XNUMX, XNUMX) as well as from Monday to Sunday (June 21.06-29.08.2021, XNUMX) instead of. There is no departure on the other days.
* Check in is possible up to 30 minutes before departure. Then the admission control closes

Sassnitz-Ystad ferry prices

without vehicle
Adult (16+ years)
Children (4-15 years)
Infants up to 3 years
with vehicle
Adult (16+ years)
Children (4-15 years)
Infants up to 3 years
Cars up to
5 meter length
up to 1,95m high
up to 2,95m high
up to 4,00m high
Additional meter of car length from € 12 per meter
RV up
6 meter length
up to 2,95m high
up to 4,00m high
Additional meter of motorhome length from € 14 per meter
Trailer up
4 meter length
up to 1,95m high
up to 2,95m high
up to 4,00m high
Additional meter of trailer length from € 12 per meter
Caravan up
6 meter length
up to 2,95m high
up to 4,00m high
Additional meter of caravan length from € 14 per meter

* Attention: If you only buy your ticket on site at the Ticket Office, a service fee of € 5 will be charged for each purchase.


The new Royal line Sassnitz-Ystad replaced since September 17, 2020 the ex Royal line Sassnitz-Trelleborgwhich will be released in spring 2020 by Stena Line than was no longer economically set. You can get there in just 2 hours and 30 minutes on this route Sweden. It is with that the fastest ferry connection between Germany and Sweden.

However, the connection is only operated from spring to autumn. From the end of March to the beginning of November 2021. In the period from November 2021 to March 2022 we recommend the alternative ferry connections listed here.

Booking is currently not possible. The Shipping company FRS Baltic is working on the booking option and would like to make this available shortly. Alternatively, you can travel on the following routes until then:

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Port information for your journey with the ferry from Sassnitz to Ystad


The Swedish town of Ystad welcomes its guests in a colorful way. The half-timbered houses here are medieval and pastel colors. It goes over cobblestones through cozy alleys to the market square with town hall and church. Ystad has a Franciscan monastery from the 12th century and a 40 kilometer long sandy beach. "The stones of ale" are of particular archaeological interest. Ystad became known worldwide through the fictional character Commissioner Wallander. Those interested can follow his footsteps on a Wallander tour, including a house at Mariagatan 10.

Here you can find more information about the port, addresses of the ferry terminals, excursions in Ystad and the surrounding area, and all of them Ferries to Ystad.



Sassnitz is located in the northeast of the island of Rügen. The popular holiday destination offers magnificent bath-style villas. The old town, beach promenade, city harbor and pier invite you to take a long stroll. Numerous shops and boutiques look forward to customers and the restaurants pamper their guests with typical island dishes such as labskaus, eel soup, Schmandklops and red grits. In summer, a large number of events ensure great entertainment. In addition, Sassnitz proves to be an ideal starting point for excursions to the Jasmund National Park with Königstuhl and the famous chalk coast.

Here you can find more information about the port, addresses of the ferry terminals, excursions in Sassnitz and the surrounding area, and all of them Ferries to Sassnitz.


Questions and answers about the ferry Sassnitz - Ystad

Here you will find answers to various questions such as the number of departures, departure times and travel time as well as current waiting times for the journey from Sassnitz to Ystad.

››› Which ferries / shipping companies operate from Sassnitz to Ystad?

The Ferry connection from Sassnitz to Ystad is currently from the shipping company FRS ferries drive on.

Currently the Ferries FRS Skane Jet

››› What does the ferry from Sassnitz to Ystad cost by car, caravan or motor home?

The prices on the Ferry connection from Sassnitz to Ystad strongly depend on the occupancy rate, the time of the trip, the vehicle itself and other points. You can make a simple price query here: ››› check the price

››› Where can I book the ferry from Sassnitz to Ystad?

You can easily book your ferry Sassnitz-Ystad with us: >>> for booking

››› How often does the ferry go from Sassnitz to Ystad?

The Ferry connection Sassnitz-Ystad becomes current 2 times a day offered.

››› How long does the ferry travel from Sassnitz to Ystad?

The Duration (Duration of the crossing) with the ferry from Sassnitz to Ystad currently takes 2 hour (s) 30 minutes.

››› How do I get from Sassnitz to Ystad?

The best and most relaxed way to currently travel from Sassnitz to Ystad is to use the Sassnitz-Ystad ferry connection.

››› What can I do on board the ferry during the crossing?

During your journey from Sassnitz to Ystad, you have various options on board your ferry to bridge the time of the crossing. You can relax, shop, do sports or linger in the restaurant and enjoy various delicacies.

››› Can I take my dog ​​/ pet with me on the ferry?

Yes this is not a problem. Dogs and smaller pets such as cats travel normally on the ferry. With some ferries the animals have to remain in the vehicle on the vehicle deck, with other ferries they can also be taken into the passenger areas.

››› Do you also transport freight on the Sassnitz - Ystad ferry?

Yes, freight on the Sassnitz - Ystad ferry is taken on board with every crossing in the form of trucks, containers and other options.


In the connection search, enter your dates one around the Travel times, the current Prices and the Availability of the Ferry Sassnitz - Ystad to consider.


Ferry Sassnitz - Ystad experiences & travel reports

43 shared experiences

  1. Peter Schmidt says:

    Unfortunately we could not find any usable information for a crossing Sassnitz Ystad. We are very interested in the trip from Sassnitz to Ystad by car from September 15, 2020. Would be grateful if we could find out about prices and departure times. Thanks for your efforts. We look forward to an early reply. Kind regards, the Schmidt family

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hello Mr. Schmidt,
      Thank you for your question. The route and especially the fast connection to Sweden are indeed very interesting for Sweden vacationers.
      The shipping company FRS has announced that the route should be bookable from July. As soon as this is the case, we will set a link to the booking here.

  2. ralf fabric says:

    when will the timetable and price be available

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hello Ralf,
      unfortunately there is still no information from the shipping company FRS. We'll stay tuned and inform you as soon as the dates are online and the booking is possible.

  3. Sabine Johansson says:

    Would like to take the ferry from Ystad to Sassnitz and back. Even now that the quarantine has been lifted, there is no information about the timetable and prices. Does the ferry even exist?

  4. Katrin Gierke says:

    Hello, when can we book the trip from Sassnitz to Ystad?

  5. Horst Biehl says:

    I would like a timetable with prices for September 2020 from Sssnitz to Ystad.

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hi all,
      Unfortunately, the shipping company still does not provide an exact timetable or prices. The booking option is still being worked on. The ferry connection should still be bookable in July. In theory, that means by July 31 at the latest. We'll see and keep you posted. Take a look at this page again or contact us for our free Newsletter

  6. Andreas says:

    Today on July 28th there is still no booking option. On request they say end of July, But more at the end of July is no longer possible. What should that be if it does not work at the beginning. I will then continue to book via Rostock

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Unfortunately, as an agent, we can only wait for the shipping company to make a booking. There is still no information from FRS as to when the booking will work.
      The start date for the route is still September 15, 2020.
      If you can't wait that long, this is the route Rostock-Trelleborg of course a good alternative.

  7. Uwe Kohlstetter says:

    Unfortunately I cannot enter a route Sassnitz Ystad?

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hello Uwe,
      Since the route has not yet been created for booking by the shipping company, booking is not yet possible via our search.
      Feel free to contact our Newsletter at. Then we will inform you about the start of the booking.

  8. Henning says:

    Hello, unfortunately it is still not possible to book the Sassnitz Ystad route online. You can also use the ferry with the mobile home. I would be very grateful for a short message. With frdl

  9. Dieter Fürch says:

    this connection is not suitable for sweden as a shopping trip.

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hi Dieter,
      I do think that some Swedes will travel and shop here. The other way around is of course also possible. Because from Ystad there are good train connections to Malmö and other cities.

  10. Marion Hallex says:

    Experiences many years ago with the Rostock catamaran to Trelleborg and back showed how unreliable it was. I am very skeptical that it is such a good idea. Couldn't it be better to use a ferry like the one on the Rostock to Gedser line? Otherwise it would be a good option

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hello Marion,
      what was so unreliable back then? The catamaran is a little more sensitive to the weather than normal ferries, but I cannot confirm that it is unreliable. We are not aware of any complaints on his current route for Fjord Line.

  11. Marion Hallex says:

    Thank you for your answer. At that time the catamaran was very sensitive to wind, so it was often canceled. Furthermore, our last trip was very uncomfortable. As long as we drove in the slipstream of Denmark, the swell was bearable. But after the ship drove towards Rostock, the catamaran positioned itself several times in such a way that ceiling pallets, television and much more fell down. The last time we thought, now we're going to tip! Then the captain said: “In the interests of the ship! and the people… “We're back to Trelleborg again. We left there when the Skåne was in Trelleborg, arrived again when the night ferry MV was almost leaving. That ride is still in the head. For us, as frequent drivers, this was over and we drove either to Gedser or to Trelleborg. I wish that this connection with the catamaran works better this time, because it would be a great connection for us and for many Sweden fans. I wish you all the best and will be watching closely.
    MfG M. Hallex

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hello Marion,
      thank you for your experience report. Let's hope that things go better this time and that the weather plays along 😉

  12. Faust Dorsin says:

    Toppen Ystad-Sassnitz vill ha prisuppgifter och färd plan before bra om man customer åka till Sassnitz och stanna där några timmar hem samma dag till Ystad

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hallå Faust,
      tyvärr är tid tables ännu inte känd. The commerical attendance at Finnas två avgångar om dagen från Sassnitz. Sedan borde en vistelse and återresan vara possibly together day.

  13. Luis Alexandre says:

    Do you speak English? What is your mail address? How can I book a trip from Ystad to Sassnitz on the 19th September and back on the 27th?

  14. Andreas Meyer says:

    Mojn mojn
    When can you book your ferry because I've always driven from Saßnitz and it's convenient for me. Ride either a motorcycle or a car with a caravan.
    Would like to go in October.
    Thanks in advance

  15. Rossfeldt says:

    We are very interested in the ferry, but what we could not read, whether it is also transporting mobile homes and whether it must not exceed a certain size, (height)
    Sincerely, the Roßfeldt family

  16. Wenzel says:

    When does the ferry leave Sassnitz tomorrow? I'm nearby and would love to watch the exit.

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hello Wenzel,
      the ferry will not start for the first official trip until September 17.9.2020, XNUMX. Until then, of course, any test drives can still take place. We don't have any information on this.

  17. Neumann, Ines says:

    Ferry Ystad - Sassnitz does not have a price list yet, when will it be published?

  18. Denise says:

    Hello, I wanted to ask if it is possible to use the ferry with the truck (solo)?

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hello Denise,
      thank you for your question. We will inquire about the possibility for trucks at the shipping company and then inform you here.
      Currently, only mobile homes up to 4 meters high are listed as large vehicles. I assume that trucks up to 4 meters in height would not be a problem either.

  19. Ilkamilka says:

    What does taking a bike on the ferry look like? Is it possible to transport the bike in such a way that it does not damage the paintwork?
    On most ferries, this works smoothly, in the truest sense of the word. How do you do that on the catamaran? Is it also possible there?

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hello Ilkamilka,
      Taking bicycles with you is basically no problem and only costs € 5 extra. At the moment we cannot tell you what the transport security looks like on the ferry itself. Perhaps one of the users who have already traveled knows the parking space situation for bicycles on board and would like to briefly write something about it here.

  20. Schmidt says:

    We think this route is great, we are on holiday in Sweden with a motorhome and would definitely use this ferry. In addition, we live in MV and therefore this route is ideal for us. Of course, we are also interested in whether there are size restrictions for motorhomes and when online bookings are possible. Also just great for a day trip to Ystad. We wish you all the best.

  21. Live says:

    Unfortunately I can't find a timetable for your ferry yet. We want to go to Ystad in September 2021. When can I access and book it?

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hello Vivi,
      We have already added to the timetables for 2021. There you can look for a suitable date for the trip to Ystad.

  22. Marlis & Georg Nikolaiev says:

    Hello Capt'n Ferry,
    can we take our dog on deck or does she have to stay in the vehicle? Our bitch (Labrador) was in the dog school and is behaving very well.
    Can dogs be taken along if you want to get on the ferry without a vehicle?
    What else should you watch out for when bringing along trained animals?

    Marlis & Georg

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hello Marlis & Georg,
      According to FRS Baltic, your bitch is allowed on board and also on deck. However, there is a line requirement.

  23. Bettina Münchmeyer-Schöneberg says:

    Hello, I would very much like to use this ferry connection, but I can't find the departure times anywhere. Is it true that she drives twice a day? Hopefully not at such unfavorable times that you can hardly reach them from Berlin at times that exclude a night trip in Germany or Sweden.

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hello Bettina,
      yes, the ferry will leave Sassnitz and Ystad twice a day.
      The ferry departs from Sassnitz at 8:15 a.m. and 15 p.m. But only until November 1st. Then it's winter break.
      The ferry will start next year on March 20, 2021. Then also twice a day at 8:15 am and 15:45 pm from Sassnitz.

  24. Angelika Nielsen says:

    Good day,

    I would like to take the ferry from Sassnitz to Sweden. Now the Swedes are demanding a corona test. Is it possible to carry out such a test in Sassnitz?

    • Capt'n Ferry says:

      Hello Angelica,
      Unfortunately, I cannot tell you whether the corona test in the port of Sassnitz is possible.
      To do this, you would have to contact the port operator or the shipping company FRS Baltic directly.
      Alternatively, you can take the corona test in your home town before you leave.

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