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Travelling by ferry from Trelleborg to Travemünde

You want to travel from Trelleborg to Travemünde? Then the Trelleborg - Travemünde ferry offers you a fast and cheap option for your trip. The ferry takes you 4 times a day in 8 hours from Trelleborg (Sweden) to Travemünde (Germany).

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Infos zur Route Trelleborg - Travemünde

Ferry connection: Trelleborg - Travemünde ferry
Start port: Trelleborg (Sweden)
Destination port: Travemünde (Germany)
Travel time / journey time: 8 hours
Number of crossings: 4 times a day
Season: All year round (January-December)
Check-in: until 30 minutes before departure
Booking: ››› Check price & availability
Deine Reederei: TT-Line

Port information for your journey by ferry from Trelleborg to Travemünde

The TT-Line Fähre Nils Holgersson leaves Rostock harbour for Trelleborg


Sweden’s southernmost city offers a reconstructed Viking castle, a historic water tower and a beautiful market square. An excursion leads to a 5,000 year old dolmen surrounded by 18 other stones. The town museum deals with Trelleborg’s prehistory and early history. Hikers and cyclists can enjoy a well-developed network of paths, and the Swedish pilgrimage route also starts here.

Here you will find more information about the port, addresses of the ferry terminals, excursions in Trelleborg and the surrounding area, as well as all the Ferries to Trelleborg.

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As a district of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, Travemünde is known for its promenade, which accompanies the river Trave to its mouth in the Baltic Sea. Visible from afar is the Old Lighthouse from 1539, which today houses a maritime museum. More modern is the New Lighthouse, which is housed on the 36th floor of the Maritim high-rise building. In the old town there are historic buildings such as the St. Lawrence Church or the Old Bailiwick from 1551.

Here you will find more information about the port, addresses of the ferry terminals, excursions in Travemünde and the surrounding area, as well as all the Ferries to Travemünde.

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Alternative ferry connections

To travel from Trelleborg to Travemünde or from Sweden to Germany, you can also use one of the following alternative ferry routes:

Route Start country &
destination country
Number &
Duration of trip
Ferry Ystad – Sassnitz SwedenGermany 2 times a day
2 hours 30 minutes
Trelleborg – Sassnitz ferry SwedenGermany up to 3 times a day
2 hours 30 minutes

FAQ zur Trelleborg - Travemünde ferry

Here you can find answers to various questions such as the number of departures, departure times and journey times as well as current waiting times for the journey from Trelleborg to Travemünde.

››› Which ferries / shipping companies sail from Trelleborg to Travemünde?

Die Fährverbindung von Trelleborg nach Travemünde bedient aktuell die Reederei TT-Line

››› How much is the ferry from Trelleborg to Travemünde by car, caravan or motorhome?

The fare on the ferry connection from a to b depends on various factors and often depends on the load, the time of the journey, whether you are travelling with or without a vehicle and other points. You can do a simple price check here: ››› Check price

››› Where can I book the ferry from Trelleborg to Travemünde?

You can easily book your Trelleborg - Travemünde ferry with us: ››› to booking

››› By what time do I have to check in on the ferry Trelleborg-Travemünde at the latest?

You must check in at the latest until 30 minutes before departure at the port Trelleborg. However, you should allow a little more time for check-in.

››› Was passiert, wenn ich nicht rechtzeitig am Hafen bin?

Das kann natürlich passieren. Die Fähre wird aber nicht auf dich warten, da die Fahrpläne einzuhalten sind. Hast du ein flexibles Ticket erworben, so kannst du einfach die nächste freie Fähre nutzen. Hast du aber ein Fährticket, dass auf eine bestimmte Abfahrt festgelegt ist, musst du dir im Hafen ein neues Ticket kaufen und auf die nächste freie Fähre warten.

››› Wie oft fährt die Fähre von Trelleborg nach Travemünde in Germany?

Die Fährverbindung Trelleborg-Travemünde wird aktuell 4 times a day angeboten. Es kann aber auch sein, dass die Verbindung wegen erhöhter Nachfrage kurzzeitig aufgestockt oder wegen zu geringer Nachfrage eine Abfahrt gestrichen wird.

››› How long does the ferry take to get from Trelleborg to Travemünde?

Die Reisedauer (Dauer der Überfahrt) mit der Fähre von Trelleborg nach Travemünde beträgt aktuell 8 hours.

››› What can I do on board the ferry during the crossing?

During your journey from Trelleborg to Travemünde, you have a variety of ways to pass the time on board your ferry. You can relax, shop, play sports or linger in the restaurant and enjoy a variety of delicacies.

››› Can I take my dog / pet with me on the ferry?

Ja, das ist kein Problem. Hunde und kleinere Haustiere wie Katzen reisen ganz normal auf der Fähre mit. Bei einigen Fähren müssen die Tiere im Fahrzeug auf dem Fahrzeugdeck verbleiben, bei anderen Fähren können diese auch mit in die Passagierbereiche genommen werden. Einige Reedereien bieten auch Haustierkabinen oder Haustierboxen auf Ihren Fähren an.

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