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The Bornholmslinjen shipping company

Until August 2018, the state-owned ferry services to the Danish Baltic island of Bornholm were operated by the shipping company Danske Færger. At that time, the contract to operate the services to Bornholm expired and was put out to tender again. The contract was awarded to the shipping company Molslinjen, which operates other ferry services in Denmark. Another innovation came with the year-round operation to Rügen.

Maximum flexibility for your travel plans

Bornholmslinjen offers travellers maximum flexibility with low-price, flex and standard tickets. Children up to 11 years travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult.

The company’s fast ferries guarantee a large amount of space and comfort on the route from Ystad to Rønne. Travellers can enjoy the crossing while relaxing in a deck chair and taking advantage of the gastronomic offerings in the restaurants, bistros and cafés. With a playroom and nappy-changing room, even the smallest guests have been catered for. Combined freight and passenger ferries operate from Sassnitz and Køge. They have two car decks and can accommodate 720 and 1,500 passengers respectively. On board, guests can look forward to a wide range of services including cabins, lounge, quiet zone, restaurant, cafeteria and shop. Dogs and cats are welcome on board and may be leashed in the dog lounge. However, pets are not allowed in the cabins.

Important Bornholmslinjen ferry routes

The shipping company offers its ferry service on three different routes. For example, the island’s capital Rønne can be reached from Sassnitz (Germany), Køge (Denmark) and Ystad (southern Sweden). From Ystad the crossing with the fast ferry takes just 80 minutes, from Sassnitz 3 hours and 20 minutes. From Køge you have to allow 5.5 hours for your crossing.

Current Bornholmslinjen ferry connections

These are the current ferry connections from Bornholmslinjen:

Route Start country &
destination country
Number &
Duration of trip
Ferry Rønne – Ystad Bornholm, DenmarkSweden 7 times a day
1 hour 20 minutes
Ferry Ystad – Rønne SwedenBornholm, Denmark 7 times a day
1 hour 20 minutes
Ferry Rønne (Bornholm) – Køge Bornholm, DenmarkDenmark 7 times a week
5 hours 30 minutes
Ferry Køge – Rønne (Bornholm) DenmarkBornholm, Denmark 7 times a week
5 hours 30 minutes
Ferry Sassnitz (Rügen) – Rønne (Bornholm) GermanyBornholm, Denmark 2 times a day
3 hour(s)
Ferry Rønne (Bornholm) – Sassnitz (Rügen) Bornholm, DenmarkGermany 2 times a day
3 hour(s)

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