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The shipping company ForSea Ferries

Since 1997, the shipping company has carried passengers and goods from Helsingborg (Sweden) to Elsinore (Denmark) under the name HH-Ferries. In 2010, the company merged with Scandlines. Eight years later, the shipping company changed its name to ForSea Ferries and left Scandlines. The company is headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden. The reason for the name change was the commissioning of the two fully battery-powered Fähre Aurora and Tycho Braha. The new name was intended to draw attention to the company’s green strategy and the associated massive reduction in CO2 emissions. The shipping company also operates three classic passenger ferries. In total, Fähreon the popular route carried more than seven million passengers, 1.3 million cars and 450,000 trucks in 2018.

Major ForSea Ferries ferry routes

The Fährerun every 15 minutes between
(Sweden) and
(Denmark). And that 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The crossing takes 20 minutes.

The current routes of ForSea Ferries

FährverbindungenAbfahrtshafenZielhafenAbfahrten pro WocheDauer der Überfahrt
Fähre Helsingør - HelsingborgHelsingør (Dänemark)Helsingborg (Schweden)55 mal täglich20 Minuten
Fähre Helsingborg - HelsingørHelsingborg (Schweden)Helsingør (Dänemark)55 mal täglich20 Minuten

Sustainable through the Öresund

The shortest route between Denmark and Sweden is used by up to 50,000 passengers a day. Depending on the Fähre, there is room for between 383 and 1,250 passengers. Even if the crossing is only short, there is enough time for a cup of coffee, a snack or shopping with attractive prices in the shop. The Aurora and Weiler Fährealso have an on-board restaurant.

ForSea Ferries Destinations

ForSea Ferries offers ferry services to the following destinations:

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