The Frisia shipping company

The Frisia shipping company was founded in 1871. The company is based in Norddeich. The shipping company has a share of around 35 percent in the Wyker Dampfschiffs-Reederei Föhr-Amrum. Since the island of Norderney was declared Germany’s first North Sea resort in 1797, getting there has been difficult for a long time. From Bremen and Hamburg ships sometimes needed several days, from Emden and Leer the island could only be reached in uncomfortable sailing boats. In 1871 23 men from Norden and Norderney took the problem in hand and founded the “Dampfschiffsreederei Norden”. In 1872 the first steamer started its service, and from 1962 cars could also be transported.

High standards in the area of sustainability

Reederei Frisia is well aware of its location in the Wadden Sea National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It therefore does everything in its power to implement national and international regulations and to protect the environment by keeping emissions as low as possible.

Important Frisia ferry routes

A total of ten ferries and two fast ferries take passengers from Norddeich pier to North Sea islands Norderney and Juist – and that all year round and daily. The number of ferry connections varies depending on the season. To Norddeich the ferries usually take 55 minutes, with the fast ferry it is 25 minutes – in case of extremely low tide there can be delays. Crossings to Juist depend on the tide and take about 90 minutes, with the fast ferry it takes 45 minutes.

Wheelchair users can easily reach all ships of the shipping company via ramps. Dogs are welcome on board. Neither do they have to be registered in advance nor is their stay on board limited to certain areas.

Current Frisia ferry connections

These are the current ferry connections from Frisia:

Route Start country &
destination country
Number &
Duration of trip
Ferry Norderney – Norddeich GermanyGermany up to 14 times a day
approx. 55 minutes
Ferry Norddeich – Norderney GermanyGermany up to 14 times a day
approx. 55 minutes
Ferry Juist – Norddeich GermanyGermany 1 time per day
approx. 90 minutes
Ferry Norddeich – Juist GermanyGermany 1 time per day
approx. 90 minutes

Frisia Destinations

You can reach these destinations with Frisia ferries:

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