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You have a question about your booked journey with GNV (Grandi Navi Veloci) or you would like to ask details about your stay on board the
GNV Ferry
or the equipment of the ship? Then you will get an overview of the most important GNV phone numbers and contact options.

Booking and Service Hotline – Contact the GNV Customer Centre

The booking and service hotline in the GNV customer centre takes all calls and answers your questions. At the known peak times in the evening or around lunchtime you should expect short waiting times.

GNV telephone number for bookings

If you would like to book your GNV ferry by phone, you can do so easily and free of charge by calling the following hotline:

GNV booking hotline: ✆ +49 4087 409 499


GNV telephone number for existing booking

You have already booked your trip with GNV and now have questions about it, just dial the following number:

GNV booking hotline: ✆ +49 4087 409 499

Further GNV contact options

MyGNV Bonus Club

The MyGNV Bonus Club cannot be reached by telephone. However, you can use the following contact form to ask questions about the bonus program.

GNV lost property office

If your journey with Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV) has already ended and you have lost something on board, you can contact the shipping company GNV directly using the relevant form.

GNV Feedback

You can also give your opinion about the service or your trip with GNV by filling out the form:

GNV Other topics

If you have topics that do not fit in the already mentioned topics, then use this form:

GNV COVID-19 Questions

GNV also has information about the coronavirus to its website. But if you didn’t find any suitable information there, use the COVID-19 form from GNV:

important GNV e-mail addresses

Besides the availability by phone, GNV is of course also reachable by e-mail. Here you can find all important GNV email addresses:

General GNV e-mail address:

Questions & Answers – our GNV Hotline & Contact FAQ

What questions can I ask the GNV Service Hotline?

The GNV Hotline always has an open ear for you. Here are some examples of the questions and problems you can discuss there:

  • Book ferry tickets
  • change booked trips
  • Give from complaints
  • Questions to the accounting department
  • Ask questions about all GNV travel topics
  • Clarify complaints
  • Makefromand seat reservations
  • Make cancellations
  • Questions about safety on board

Is the GNV Hotline free of charge?

Yes, the GNV Hotline is free of charge. Only the local telephone charges for calls from the German landline network apply. Mobile phone prices from depending on to mobile phone provider.

✅ Can I book my trip via the hotline?

Yes, you can easily book your trip by phone via the GNV Hotline. But beware, because booking by phone often incurs a fee of several euros. Therefore, it is better to book directly online.

✅ Can I request a callback?

No, currently you cannot request a recall from GNV.

✅ Is there a GNV chat?

No, currently there is no GNV chat with the customer center. For your inquiries you can currently only call, use the contact forms or contact us by e-mail.

At what times is the GNV service telephone available?

The GNV Hotline is available from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 8 pm and is open for your questions.

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