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The shipping company Samsølinjen

The shipping company Samsølinjen is part of the Danish Molslinjen, Denmark’s largest shipping company. The company was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in Aarhus.

Major Samsølinjen ferry routes

The Samsølinjen shipping company connects the two islands of Zealand and Samsø on a single route. From
we sail to Ballen, the largest harbour on the island of Samsø. The ferry route is an extremely important connection for travellers from the greater Copenhagen area who have the popular holiday island in the Kattegat as their destination.

The crossing is offered all year round and takes place between two and five times a day. It lasts one hour and 30 minutes. The ferry company offers its guests different types of tickets. Depending on their needs, passengers can opt for a Lowprice, Flex or Standard ticket. Pedestrians and cyclists are also welcome on board, and the ferry port in Kalundborg is easily accessible by bus and train.

The current Samsølinjen ferry routes

FährverbindungAbfahrtshafenZielhafenAbfahrten pro WocheDauer der Überfahrt
Fähre Kalundborg - BallenKalundborg (Dänemark)Ballen (Dänemark)5 mal täglich1 Stunde 30 Minuten
Fähre Ballen - KalundborgBallen (Dänemark)Kalundborg (Dänemark)5 mal täglich1 Stunde 30 Minuten

Relaxed travel on the M/F Samsø

The M/F Samsø is used on the ferry route. It offers space for up to 110 cars and 600 passengers. Travellers enjoy the crossing relaxing on the sun deck or on the saloon deck with its spacious lounges. A bistro offers drinks and snacks along the way. The shipping company takes special account of passengers with (walking) disabilities and offers parking spaces on request to facilitate access to the passenger deck. The Fähre is also equipped with an elevator to the salon deck. Pets are welcome on board, dogs are allowed in the designated dog areas on a leash.


Samsølinjen Destinations

Samsølinjen offers ferry services to the following destinations:

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