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When you book a TT-Line cabin, your vacation begins on board. It offers you a retreat to your trip across the Baltic Sea, where you can rest and relax. The car is safely parked, the hand luggage manageable, the gastronomic offer excellent. Now there is enough time for rest and privacy. After a restful crossing, the Swedish holiday can then start well rested and relaxed.

All cabins of TT-Line are comfortable non-smoking cabins and equipped with shower, toilet and hairdryer. Bed linen and towels are also included in the basic equipment. Offer and cabin prices vary to seven ships of the fleet, moreover, to routes Rostock-Trelleborg and Travemünde-Trelleborg different conditions apply for day and night trips. For example, chair or cabin access is mandatory for night departures between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. to the Travemünde route. The use of a day cabin is limited from one hour to departure to one hour before arrival.

You can simply book your cabin online, with no service charge. A service fee is charged for telephone and written bookings as well as for subsequent bookings on board. This also arises when booking at the port. Online service and booking hotline are available for questions to prices, last-minute changes, rebooking and cancellations.

The TT-Line cabin categories

Inside cabins

The inside cabins on board TT-Line are designed for up to four people. The 1 – 2 berth inside cabin has two lower beds or a bunk bed, shower and toilet. The 1 – 4 berth inside cabin is equipped with two lower and two upper beds, shower and toilet. All beds have a width of 80 centimeters each.

Designed for special needs is the 1 – 3 bed interior cabin, barrier free. Here travelers will find three lower beds, shower and toilet. The shipping company places particular emphasis to the spaciousness of the cabin, which offers people with limited mobility sufficient freedom of movement.

Outside from

The 1 – 2 berth outside cabin with sea view offers passengers two lower beds or a bunk bed with a width of 80 centimeters, shower and toilet. The 1 – 2 bed cabin with sea view in front position has the same equipment, additionally it offers satellite TV during the crossing. The 1 – 4 bed outside cabin with sea view is accordingly equipped with two upper and two lower beds, shower and toilet.

The 1 – 2 berth Front de Luxe cabin with sea view can accommodate a maximum of 2 people. It offers two lower beds, each 80 centimeters wide, shower, toilet and satellite TV.

The 1 – 4 berth Baltic cabin with sea view sleeps to to four in 21.7 square meters. In addition to a bunk bed and sofa bed, the outside cabin has a shower, WC, satellite TV and a minibar.

The 1 – 4 bed Panorama Suite with sea view allows up to four people to travel comfortably. In addition to a double bed, a seating area with sofa bed provides ample space. The suite is equipped with shower, WC, satellite TV and a minibar.

Accommodation on the nine ships in the fleet

Aboard the Nils Holgersson 94 inside cabins, 131 outside cabins with sea view and 2 panorama suites await travelers. In addition, the ferry is equipped with 2 barrier-free cabins and 8 recliners. The Peter Pan has the same equipment.

Akka and Tinker Bell each have 227 inside and outside cabins for more than 740 passengers. The very well-equipped Panorama Suites can also be booked on these two TT-Line ferries.

The Huckleberry Finn has 58 inside cabins for up to four people and 76 outside cabins with ocean views on offer. Two barrier-free inside cabins are available for travelers with limited mobility.

On the Tom Sawyer the following cabins are available: 1 – 2 berth inside cabin, 1 – 2 berth cabin with sea view, 1 – 4 berth cabin with sea view and a wheelchair accessible 1 – 2 berth cabin with sea view.

The Robin Hood has 54 inside cabins for up to four people and 103 outside cabins with sea view. Travelers with disabilities can expect 2 barrier-free cabins, and 46 Pullman chairs also ensure a crossing in a pleasant and quiet atmosphere. The Nils Dacke has the same number of cabins and Pullman chairs. However, only cabins for a maximum of 3 people are available here. Additionally 1 berth outside cabins can be booked.

The Marco Polo offers its guests 31 inside cabins for up to four people and 47 outside cabins. With a view of to stern or to sea, depending to your preference. 30 Pullman chairs provide a crossing in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere.

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from obligation

On the TT-Line ferry route Travemünde-Trelleborg and the reverse route Trelleborg-Travemünde there is a cabin requirement for night departures. This cabin obligation applies to all voyages departing from Trelleborg or Travemünde at 22:00 or at 2:30. Here you also have to book a cabin or a recliner when you book.

On all other routes there is no cabin requirement. Here you can book your trip without cabin or recliner.


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Frequently asked questions

Are there towels in the cabins?

Yes, the cabins are equipped with towels. There are small towels and larger towels for showering.

Is there a hairdryer in the cabins?

Yes, there is also a hairdryer in all cabins.

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