Ferries Early Booking Offers & Discounts

Take advantage of early booking discounts when vacationing by ferry

Planning a trip and want to reach your vacation destination by ferry? Then it is worth to be fast, because many shipping companies convince at the beginning of the year with attractive early booking discounts and discount campaigns.

The earlier you book your ferry, the more you can save. With the early booking offers and discounts of the shipping companies you get your ferry ticket now even cheaper.

Here you will find an overview of all current early bird offers:

Early booking offers you many advantages. By booking early, you can take advantage of lower prices, have a wider range of availability, and be assured that you will actually get the accommodation or trip you want. You have more time to prepare to the trip and organize everything necessary. Some providers give additional even discounts such as a free cabin upgrade or a free dinner for early bookers. Some early bird deals allow you to cancel or change your trip for free if your plans change. You can even get a higher discount than last minute bookers and not have to wait until the last minute to book your trip, saving you time.

Why early booking is advantageous for you

For the booking of your ferry passage applies: Book early saves money! Because depending to shipping company waiting attractive offers such as:
  • Discounts to the ferry ticket
  • Wider range of availabilities
  • Certainty that you will get the ferry connection you want
  • Reductions in length surcharge
  • Discounts to cabin prices
  • Upgrades to the next higher cabin category
  • Special offers in the gastronomic area
  • More time for preparation
  • More flexibility in available date selection
  • Higher discount
  • Time saving
In addition, early booking discounts offer a great deal of planning security, as contingents and selection are correspondingly larger when booked in good time. Whether an early booking discount is limited to to main booking month of January or remains bookable over a longer period is decided by the guidelines of the respective shipping company.

Why early bird offers are better than last minute offers

Early booking offers convince with their planning security. Your travel period is limited by school vacations or you attach particular importance to a specific departure time? Then you can plan your trip bindingly as an early booker and save a lot of money. You also have a clear advantage when it comes to the range of cabins. The earlier you book, the greater the choice of cabins in different price ranges and categories. Especially during the peak travel season, much-used offers can be booked out quickly. Last-minute offers, on the other hand, are suitable for all those who want to plan their vacation with short notice and flexibility. Spontaneity in booking and a significantly reduced offer are rewarded with rich savings.

What you should pay special attention to with early bird offers

As an early booker, you should keep in mind that the shipping companies limit their offers in time and provide only a limited contingent. Then you have to be quick - especially to popular ferry routes during the peak season. Also, if you want to travel with camper, children, barrier-free or with your pet, the choice of appropriate places and cabins is limited. Generally speaking, the more specific your crossing requirements, the earlier you should decide to book. On the one hand, you can save money for your vacation budget and, on the other hand, get ready to your vacation early - including the anticipation to carefree vacation days!