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Ferry insurance – the travel insurance for ferry travel and ferry trips

Ferries, with their narrow accesses and parking decks, quickly prove to be a real challenge for travelers with motor vehicles, caravans and boats. It is not uncommon for the combination of confinement, time pressure and adverse weather conditions to cause damage to vehicles. In the event of damage, injured parties are confronted with problems such as conditions of carriage, legal issues and liability claims, which in the worst case have to be asserted in the local language. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to think about taking out ferry insurance, sometimes called travel insurance.

What is the purpose of ferry insurance/travel insurance?

Special ferry insurance covers theft of and damage to vehicles, trailers and camping vehicles, both during transport and during loading and unloading. Travel insurance also covers from complete loss of a vehicle, for example, if the ferry sinks, collides or loses part of its cargo in a storm.

What does travel insurance from?

In the event of damage, travel insurance will reimburse the full cost of the repair. In the event of theft, loss of parts or complete loss, you will receive the replacement value. This is the value you would have to spend to purchase an equivalent used vehicle or parts.

What does travel insurance not from?

Ferry insurance does not from subsequent costs. If you can no longer use your car for your onward journey, you will have to pay for any hotel accommodation costs and rental car fees that may arise.

Is it useful to have travel insurance when traveling by ferry?

Travel insurance for ferry crossings is useful if neither the shipping company’s conditions of carriage nor your motor vehicle insurance tariff adequately cover any damage that may occur. You must determine this in each individual case at or before your booking in the conditions of carriage of the shipping company or your vehicle insurance.

Is the ferry trip covered?

On ferries there is no strict liability imposed by law – this means that there is no general insurance coverage for vehicles. Where conditions of carriage and insurance rates do not provide adequate protection, ferry insurance comes into play. They from damage caused during loading and unloading or during the crossing. Their conclusion must be made before the start of the trip for each vehicle and each route. Please note that insurance coverage does not begin until to the ship’s ramp and you must always follow the instructions of the ship’s personnel.

Overview of the advantages of travel insurance

The benefits of travel insurance include:

  • Reimbursement of restoration or replacement costs in the event of damage to the vehicle, theft and loss.
  • Guaranteed insurance coverage regardless of restrictions imposed by conditions of carriage and tariff models
  • the claim to a German company, without problems like foreign law or liability claims in the local language

Which insurers have travel insurance on offer

All major insurers such as ADAC, Allianz Travel, Ergo, HanseMerkur, Hepster or Signal Iduna offer travel insurance for cars, trailers and motorhomes.

HanseMerkur Ferry Insurance

HanseMerkur ferry insurance is a special form of travel insurance, which refers to to coverage of risks during ferry trips. It provides insurance coverage in case of accidents on board, as well as damage to luggage and compensation in case of trip interruption or postponement.

Allianz travel insurances

Allianz travel insurance is an important protection for you when you go on vacation. It offers you financial protection in case of unforeseen events such as illness, accident or trip interruption. With Allianz travel insurance you can be sure that you are covered in case of an emergency and that you will not incur any additional costs. So you can enjoy your vacation without worrying and concentrate to beautiful experiences.

Ergo Travel Insurance

Ergo Travel Insurance provides coverage for unforeseen events during a trip, such as illness, accident or trip interruption. It can be taken out for both private individuals and business travelers and includes benefits such as medical repatriation, travel interruption and baggage insurance.

Hepster travel insurance

You are planning a trip and want to protect yourself optimally? Then Hepster travel insurance is just right for you. It offers you comprehensive protection against unforeseen events during your trip, such as illness, accidents or trip interruption. In addition, you can also purchase your luggage and travel money insurance. With Hepster travel insurance you can start your vacation without worries.

What is the difference between travel insurance and travel cancellation insurance?

Special travel insurance for ferries from damage to vehicles and trailers that occur during embarkation, disembarkation and during the crossing. Travel cancellation insurance, on the other hand, covers cancellation costs in the event of job loss, accident, trip interruption, illness or death.

Ferry insurance conclusion

Shipping companies often have limited liability for damage to vehicles. Whether your insurance will then cover any damage that occurs from on the respective tariff model. For this reason, it is advisable to check the terms and conditions of the shipping company as well as your current insurance coverage in good time before the start of the trip and to take out appropriate travel insurance if you do not have sufficient protection.

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