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The shipping company Fjord Line

The Norwegian shipping company Fjord Line was founded in 1993 with the aim of taking over ferry traffic to Denmark. Their headquarters are in Egersund. The fleet currently consists of four ships. The company is proud of the fact that the two ships MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord will only run on environmentally friendly natural gas. An innovative technology that means that the exhaust gases are completely free of soot and sulfur. In 2013 the company received an award for energy efficiency.

Important ferry connections

Fjord Line ferries connect Norway with Denmark and Sweden on the following four routes: Hirtshals - Stavanger / Bergen, Hirtshals - Langesund, Hirtshals - Kristiansand and Strömstad - Sandefjord. The HSC Fjord Cat catamaran takes you from Hirtshals to Kristiansand in just 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Fjord Line's current routes

Ferry connectionPort of departureDestination portWeekly departuresDuration of the crossing
Ferry Bergen - HirtshalsBergen (Norway)Hirtshals (Denmark)Once a week18 hour (s)
Ferry Hirtshals - BergenHirtshals (Denmark)Bergen (Norway)Once a week16 hour (s) 30 minutes
Ferry Bergen - LangesundBergen (Norway)Langesund (Norway)Once a week24 hour (s)
Ferry Bergen - StavangerBergen (Norway)Stavanger (Norway)Once a week5 hour (s) 30 minutes
Ferry Hirtshals - KristiansandHirtshals (Denmark)Kristiansand (Norway)Once a week3 hour (s) 14 minutes
Hirtshals - Langesund ferryHirtshals (Denmark)Langesund (Norway)Once a week4 hour (s) 30 minutes
Ferry Langesund - BergenLangesund (Norway)Bergen (Norway)Once a week22 hour (s)
Ferry Langesund - StavangerLangesund (Norway)Stavanger (Norway)Once a week16 hour (s)
Ferry Kristiansand - HirtshalsKristiansand (Norway)Hirtshals (Denmark)Once a week3 hour (s) 15 minutes
Ferry Langesund - HirtshalsLangesund (Norway)Hirtshals (Denmark)Once a week4 hour (s) 30 minutes
Stromstad - Sandefjord ferryStromstad (Sweden)Sandefjord (Norway)4 times a day2 hour (s) 30 minutes
Sandefjord - Stromstad ferrySandefjord (Norway)Stromstad (Sweden)4 times a day2 hour (s) 30 minutes
Ferry Hirtshals - StavangerHirtshals (Denmark)Stavanger (Norway)Once a week130 Minutes
Stavanger - Hirtshals ferryStavanger (Norway)Hirtshals (Denmark)Once a week11 hour (s) 30 minutes
Stavanger - Bergen ferryStavanger (Norway)Bergen (Norway)Once a week5 hour (s) 30 minutes
Stavanger - Langesund ferryStavanger (Norway)Langesund (Norway)Once a week17 hour (s) 30 minutes

Modern, customer-friendly and innovative

A wide range of dining options awaits you on board the MS Bergensfjord and MS Stavangerfjord. Whether it's a small snack, à la carte or buffet, your taste alone decides. When the weather is nice, you can even enjoy a grill bar on the upper deck. The company also promises its guests the best in entertainment. Carefully selected artists offer a varied program of entertaining shows and live music. Of course, every sea voyage also includes shopping in the tax-free shop. Children can look forward to their own play area and a treasure hunt on board. A play ship is waiting to be discovered on the upper deck. During the summer months, painting courses, bingo, fun activities and the mascot Fjordy ensure plenty of variety.
On the other hand, you will experience quiet and relaxing moments in your well-equipped cabin. Travelers choose the most suitable sleeping option for them from more than 20 different categories. Whether you are looking for a recliner, a standard cabin, a deluxe cabin or a luxurious suite with a sea view, there is something for every budget. Accessible cabins are also available.

The shorter passages also offer a high level of comfort, enjoyable cuisine and a spacious shopping area.

Fjord Line destinations

Fjord Line offers ferry connections to the following destinations:

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