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Tallink Silja Line timetable, prices & availability

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A shipping company introduces itself

The Tallink Silja Line has a long history of mergers, collaborations and renaming behind it. The ferry fleet currently consists of eleven ships. They are all on the Baltic Sea to connect the northern European countries Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia with one another. In addition to ferry crossings, the shipping company also offers mini cruises, round trips and city trips. All ferries are combined cargo / passenger ships with passenger and car decks.

Important ferry routes

The Helsinki-Tallinn line is operated up to seven times a day. A crossing takes two hours, and travelers can choose from different travel classes on board. The ferry connections Stockholm-Helsinki (15 hours) and Stockholm-Tallinn (16 hours) are operated daily and start in the late afternoon or early evening, the destination port is reached the morning of the next day. Other daily connections are the Stockholm-Turku and Stockholm-Riga routes. The Finnish Åland Islands can also be reached via stopover with Mariehamn.

The current ferry connections from Tallink Silja Line

Ferry connectionPort of departureDestination portWeekly departuresDuration of the crossing
Helsinki-Mariehamn ferryHelsinki (Finland)Mariehamn (Aland, Finland)Once a week11 hour (s) 15 minutes
Helsinki-Stockholm ferryHelsinki (Finland)Stockholm (Sweden)Once a week17 hour (s) 30 minutes
Langnas-Stockholm ferryLangnäs (Aland, Finland)Stockholm (Sweden)Once a week6 hour (s) 20 minutes
Langnas-Turku ferryLangnäs (Aland, Finland)Turku (Finland)Once a week4 hour (s) 15 minutes
Mariehamn-Helsinki ferryMariehamn (Aland, Finland)Helsinki (Finland)Once a week11 hour (s) 15 minutes
Mariehamn-Stockholm ferryMariehamn (Aland, Finland)Stockholm (Sweden)3 times a day5 hour (s) 30 minutes
Mariehamn-Tallinn ferryMariehamn (Aland, Finland)Tallinn (Estonia)Once a week9 hour (s) 15 minutes
Mariehamn-Turku ferryMariehamn (Aland, Finland)Turku (Finland)Once a week5 hour (s) 30 minutes
Riga-Stockholm ferryRiga (Latvia)Stockholm (Sweden)Once a week18 hour (s)
Stockholm-Helsinki ferryStockholm (Sweden)Helsinki (Finland)Once a week17 hour (s) 30 minutes
Stockholm-Langnas ferryStockholm (Sweden)Langnäs (Aland, Finland)Once a week6 hour (s) 15 minutes
Stockholm-Mariehamn ferryStockholm (Sweden)Mariehamn (Aland, Finland)3 times a day5 hour (s) 25 minutes
Stockholm-Riga ferryStockholm (Sweden)Riga (Latvia)Once a week17 hour (s)
Stockholm-Turku ferryStockholm (Sweden)Turku (Finland)Once a week2 hour (s) 10 minutes
Tallinn-Mariehamn ferryTallinn (Estonia)Mariehamn (Aland, Finland)Once a week2 hour (s) 30 minutes
Turku-Langnas ferryTurku (Finland)Langnäs (Aland, Finland)Once a week4 hour (s) 10 minutes
Turku-Mariehamn ferryTurku (Finland)Mariehamn (Aland, Finland)Once a week5 hour (s) 15 minutes
Turku-Stockholm ferryTurku (Finland)Stockholm (Sweden)Once a week2 hour (s) 35 minutes

Where the passenger is king

The company attaches particular importance to continuously improving the equipment of its ships. Since the company also offers mini cruises as an alternative, ferry passengers can also enjoy a wide range of gastronomy, leisure and entertainment. In order to make the crossings as pleasant as possible for the customer, the Tallink Silja Line pays attention to fast service, variety and safety. If you have special requirements, please inform yourself in advance about the equipment of your ferry, it may vary depending on the ferry and route.

As an example for all ships of the shipping company, the ferry service on the two ferries on the Stockholm-Helsinki route will be examined in more detail at this point. A wide range of culinary delights awaits you on board the Silja Serenade and the Silja Symphony. Whether grande buffet, grill house, Italian cuisine, fast lane, sushi or fish and seafood restaurant, all dishes are freshly prepared for you and ensure varied and enjoyable moments. Afterwards, the Sea Pub, Promenade Bar and Coffee & Co invite you to linger. Or do you prefer a shopping spree in the Tax Free Superstore or a swim in a tropical atmosphere? Children will find paradise in Silja Land, because a climbing wall, a Lego workshop and an ice cream bar are already waiting here. In summer, bouncy castles, slides, carousels and soccer fields provide fun and variety. In the evening you can look forward to a varied program with musicians, entertainers, bands and midnight shows. Then your comfortable cabin awaits you. Whether inside cabin, outside cabin, family cabin or executive suite, everyone will find the right cabin on board the Tallink Silja Line. Pets are also very welcome on board.

Tallink Silja Line destinations

Tallink Silja Line offers ferry connections to the following destinations:

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